About Lim Kay Tong’s Movie Role In 1965

Everyone agrees that Lim Kay Tong is perfect to play our founding father Lee Kuan Yew in the nation’s jubilee film, and guess what? He will be.

The movie, titled 1965, is about a pivotal moment in Singapore’s history—her independence, and what came after. Lim will play our founding father in his 40s and 80s, which will be tough, as Lim has some big shoes to fill.

It’s not a biopic, however—Lee Kuan Yew is only one of the historic characters featured in the film.

Lim Kay Tong Overcomes His ‘Cowardice’

limkaytongA still of Lim from Perfect Deception

Our local Ian McKellen had reservations about playing the role and cited his cowardice, but decided to step up after reading the script.

Why did Lim freak out?

“Because it’s a real-life person, and it’s Lee Kuan Yew. I hope he doesn’t call me. Hypothetically, if Mr Lee calls me, hopefully he is not going to slam me.”

We’re pretty sure he won’t. Like any actor, Lim will do his research to play the role the best he can. Director Daniel Yun had this to say about Lim:

He was probably not ready five years ago but he is ready now. Many artists can be intimidated by this role. He is not. He is serious about playing the man. Since we confirmed him, he has been preparing. I am very impressed by his commitment to this role.

Lim Kay Tong Afraid? No Way!

It’s easy to see why our beloved actor would be afraid—he is playing the role of an intimidating and iconic figure. But Lim is a good actor, and with all that experience and research, we’re sure that he will be able to bring Lee Kuan Yew to life.

The challenge? Miraculously de-ageing Lim to look like our founding father, but we’re sure the movie magicians behind their scenes will do their thing.

With reference to TodayOnline and The Straits Times
Featured image via Perfect Deception