Limited McDonald’s items that need to make a comeback

Nothing can ever beat a good ol’ McSpicy or McChicken from McDonald’s, and everyone knows it.

But to keep up with the times, McDonald’s introduces limited edition burgers, sides, and treats to always ensure customers are constantly in food coma mode.


The worst part is well, duh, the limited edition aspect. They bring in a new offering, make you fall madly in love with it, only to remove it.

Well, we’re hangry, and these limited McDonald’s items need to make a comeback ASAP because life is just so bland without them.

1. Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Burger

From salted egg yolk ice cream to french toast, Singaporeans are down to try pretty much anything with salted egg yolk in it.

So when McDonald’s introduced their spin on it in 2016, of course everyone went into a frenzy trying to get their hands on the burger.


There were long lines at most of the outlets, with many of them selling out of the burger.

Sadly, many people were disappointed with the burger, mad that the salted egg yolk sauce was lacking.

Despite their unsatisfying first try, we at MustShareNews feel that McDonald’s should definitely bring it back.

This time, more saucy. Duh.

2. The Spicy Challenge

We were shook when McDonald’s introduced the spicy challenge in 2014. We didn’t think anything could beat the McSpicy, but they had to up their own game by throwing some even spicier burgers into the mix.

There were 4 levels to the challenge, starting with a sizzling citrus burger being a level one spice. The second level of spice was the McSpicy, which suggested that the remaining two levels would be so spicy that you’d be stuck in the toilet for days.


For the third level it was a flaming green curry burger,  followed by a fiery mala burger, which pretty much just burns our insides alive thinking about it.

McDonald’s, if you see this, please bring it back! Perhaps make it as spicy as the Korean instant noodle challenge? We bet loads of Singaporeans would be down to try that.

3. McGriddles

Ugh, just thinking about this one makes us drool.

The McGriddle was a much better version of the McMuffin, with its maple-y buns smothering a nice serving of sausage and egg.


Unfortunately, this one was pretty much taken off the menu randomly and with no warning given to die-hard fans, which explains why people want it back so bad. 

There’s even a petition online with almost 600 signatures pleading with McDonald’s to bring it back.


We think that’s a good enough reason to bring it back, for sure. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for this one.

4. Kampung Burger

5 years ago, the Kampung burger made its return to our local McDonald’s stores after having been off the menu for 20-odd years.

The burger had a nice thick slice of pineapple in it, with a breakfast muffin bun instead of a usual sesame seed patty. The burger was also slathered in salsa, giving it a kick.


We can’t say for certain if the burger really tasted like it did back in the day, but we wish it would come back so that we could give it a try.

To be fair, we don’t actually know where the kampung aspect of the burger comes in. Perhaps that’s the reason why it didn’t survive the cutthroat world of McDonald’s specials.

5. Quarter Pounder Burger

Okay, fine. Maybe this one’s a little more personal for the writer of this article, considering this was a favourite off the McDonald’s menu, ever.

We were thrown off in December of last year when we discovered that McDonald’s dropped the Quarter Pounder from their menus, with barely enough forewarning.


The Quarter Pounder was quintessentially McDonald’s, with a thick patty and gooey cheese, mm. Plus the bonus of being able to order a double, if you were particularly hungry.

McDonald’s replaced this burger with their Signature Collection, which honestly pales in comparison. Sometimes, old is gold.

6. Chicken McCrispy

Well, we’d take a guess and say that most millennials don’t remember the McCrispy, considering it was an offering in the late 90s.

That doesn’t stop us from wanting it back though, considering pretty much everyone who remembers having the Chicken McCrispy talks about it fondly.


McDonald’s no longer does fried chicken except for their McWings, but the McCrispy was supposedly the juiciest, most tender fried chicken, with a side of sweet chilli sauce.

We’re assuming the current garlic chilli sauce comes nowhere close, because people yearn for the McCrispy to return, even though it’s been forever.

7. Jalapeño Nuggets

Again, we can’t say this offering was particularly out-of-this-world, but we think it should make a comeback anyways.

Like a few other limited edition items, this one kinda didn’t live up to the hype. They weren’t spicy enough, and we definitely think that McDonald’s should bring it back but really up the ante this time.


After all, Singaporeans can handle their heat. We need spicy nuggets that pack a bigger punch, maybe even a McSpicy level of heat.

And maybe even a spicy curry sauce to match? That would be pretty cool.

8. Tom Yum Cutlets

This one is pretty different to what McDonald’s typically offers. The cutlet was basically a piece of fried chicken covered in tom yum seasoning.

Imagine taking the tom yum packet out of your favourite instant noodles, and dumping it all over a juicy slab of fried chicken. That’s basically what this item was.


The item was reasonably priced too, only costing $2 a piece, which is even less than what a McChicken goes for.

Now, what we think would be cool is if McDonald’s brought back this item.

Perhaps, even as a burger. We’re sure it would cause a stir at the McDonald’s outlets. In a good way, of course.

9. Pies

From time to time, McDonald’s introduces new flavours of pies. Some of them are delicious, while others, not so much.

Their best tasting pies were definitely the banana and coconut pies.


To be fair, these two items are polarizing.

Lots of people can’t get enough of them, while others hate it with a passion. We put this down to the fact that not everyone likes strong artificial fruit flavouring, but we at MustShareNews really do.


You can’t always win them all, as they say.

10. Shaker Fries

Shaker fries are without a doubt probably one of the best things McDonald’s has ever come up with. They’re a great way to dress up plain fries, and taste absolutely delicious.

Many can agree that the seaweed shaker fries is probably one of the better ones, while the black pepper crab flavour as well as the truffle one were kinda lacking.


Again, this doesn’t just mean that McDonald’s should do away with them indefinitely. Instead, we believe in second chances. Meaning, they need to bring them back, but better. And hopefully more authentic tasting.

We have no doubt McDonald’s can improve on how legit they taste, considering the good job they did with the Nasi Lemak burger.

11. Gula Melaka McFlurry

Nothing beats a good serving of ice cream, especially in this weather. Sometimes, having an Oreo McFlurry just isn’t satisfying anymore.

Which is most likely why McDonald’s comes up with new creations from time to time. Some of them are kind of weird, like the honeydew McFlurry.

To be fair, there were some great limited edition ones too, like gula melaka.


Ah, give us one right now. Anything gula melaka is amazing, and this McDonald’s offering even came with delectable pieces of kueh lapis in it.

Perhaps they can bring it back for the Hari Raya festive period this year.

12. Bonus: Curry Sauce Bottle

Who can ever forget the chaos all around Singapore when McDonald’s discontinued their curry sauce in 2011?

Their curry sauce is an iconic part of our McDonald’s meals now, and some offerings just don’t taste as good without it.

Ends up, the discontinuation was a temporary thing due to supply issues.


What’s even worse, is that true curry sauce fans have noticed that the curry sauce no longer tastes the same. They changed the ingredients, which has it tasting slightly different, and it’s a taste we can’t place.

After figuring out how much their curry sauce meant to Singaporeans, McDonald’s made a limited number of curry sauce bottles in 2016, at only $4.50.

We very strongly believe that McDonald’s should bring the bottles back, so we don’t have to beg the server at McDonald’s to give us more than one packet of curry sauce per meal.

Bring it back

McDonald’s really needs to bring these treats back because we’re kinda dying without them.

Okay, we know that’s a tad too dramatic, but it really sucks when your favourite item gets removed from the menu or is limited edition.


Of course, it’s to make way for new offerings, but we would truly appreciate it if they at least kept the items on for longer.

Being hangry is not a great feeling, at all. Which is how we feel looking at this list.

Jeez, guess we gotta take a trip to McDonald’s right now to satisfy the hunger pangs.

Featured image from Instagram, Travellingmcds, and GreatDeals.