Lee Kuan Yew’s voice will once again ring throughout Singapore

Earlier today (10 July), the People’s Association (PA) announced to the media that a National Day voice recording of the late Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew reading the Proclamation of Independence of Singapore will be broadcast throughout the nation.

The recording will mark the first time that Singaporeans will hear the late Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew announcing Singapore’s Independence.

The original recording of the Proclamation of Independence back in 1965 was recorded by an announcer and not Mr Lee Kuan Yew — the First Prime Minister only recorded his version 3 years ago in 2012.

The recording will be broadcasted on National Day (9 August) at 9am on every local television and radio channel and at 82 National Day Observance Ceremonies.

What is the Proclamation of Independence?

The Proclamation of Independence is a section from the agreement that marks the separation between Singapore and Malaysia. It also marks Singapore gaining her status as an independent sovereign state.

According to an interview with the media, Chief Executive Director of the People’s Association (PA) Ang Hak Seng, the recording will once again remind Singaporeans on the core values that this nation was built on.

The reading of this Proclamation by our founding Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew will remind us of the core values that our pioneers embodied, such as community resilience, racial harmony, determination to overcome the odds, and placing community above.

– Chief Executive of People’s Association Ang Hak Seng

Here is the Prime Minister’s copy of the Proclamation of Independence of Singapore.


Why should I catch it?

This will be the first time, after 50 years, that Singaporeans will finally hear our founding father declaring Singapore’s Independence  — it is also probably the last message Lee Kuan Yew has for all of Singaporeans.

Because #SG50.

It is not National Day without Lee Kuan Yew.


Here is the last and perhaps the most meaningful paragraph of the Proclamation of Independence.

Now, I LEE KUAN YEW, Prime Minister of Singapore, DO HEREBY PROCLAIM AND DECLARE on behalf of the people and the Government of Singapore that as from today the ninth day of August in the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty-five Singapore shall forever be a sovereign, democratic, and independent nation, founded upon the principles of liberty and justice and ever seeking the welfare and happiness of her people in a more just and equal society.

– Proclamation of Independence: Lee Kuan Yew

Don’t forget to catch Lee Kuan Yew’s recording on Singapore’s Proclamation of Independence this coming National Day at 9am on all local television and radio channels.

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With references from The Straits Times