Llaollao Calling Bluff On Yolé Proclamation On Being European

They’ve only been gone for 6 days, but frozen yogurt chain Llaollao has already started fighting back on its replacement, Yolé.

On Tues (12 Dec), Llaollao provided a statement on Facebook with regards to the takeover by the newly established Yolé.

We would like to clarify some aspects that many of you will be by now wondering about. The company with which we have…

Posted by llaollao Singapore on Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Despite the similarities in the products of the two brands pointed out by customers, they specifically mention that Llaollao “have absolutely nothing to do” with the Yolé brand. Further, Llaollao also claim that despite suggestions to the contrary, Yolé isn’t actually from Europe. They are also “far from finished in Singapore”, and we’ll probably see the return of Llaollao pretty soon.

Pretty serious allegations indeed. But does Llaollao have a point? Let’s take a look at why the original froyo chain is so displeased.

Yolé’s questionable European identity

Many websites, including a report by Channel NewsAsia, has labelled Yolé as an European Brand.

Even own Yolé’s official website hints to the brand being European.

Indulge in our sweet treat to take a dip in Mediterranean bliss.

However, whether or not Yolé is truly from Europe, is still largely unknown.

Perhaps it is just a cheap marketing stunt to lure Llaollao’s loyal fans.


Mind you Yolé, yoghurt did not originate from any one culture but any culture that produced milk around 5000BC. #Factcheck

In addition, unlike Llaollao who have stores in 21 countries all over the world, Yolé only has stores in Singapore and Taiwan — countries where Llaollao no longer operates.

llaollao’s international stores

Yolé’s total stores

Perhaps they’ve confused “European-themed” with actually being of “European Origin”.

Same same product, but different name

From the aloe vera leaf-shaped spoon to the ambiance of stores, there hasn’t been much changes in terms of concept between the overtaker and the overtaken.

Other than the fact that Yolé has seasonal toppings and a slightly different yoghurt concoction as compared to its unrelated predecessor, a visit to Yolé would probably just make you think that Llaollao changed their colour scheme to blue.



There are a lot of similarities, except of course of the colour of the branding.

It’s like telling your friend who wants to copy your homework: “eh you copy but change the words a bit ah”, so as to think you can deceive the teacher.

In the end, the teacher still knew someone copied the other.

Nice Try Yolé.

Gongcha and LiHo drama season 2

There has been a comparison of whether this takeover was similar to that of between Gong Cha and LiHo.


The theory of rebranding and a comeback to regenerate hype for a brand sounds plausible, as we don’t truly know the value of things until we lost them. But we can never really be sure what happens behind the corporate doors who dictate the fate of our beloved food makes.

In the end, although Yolé seems like a fitting substitute for yoghurt fans in Singapore, it still looks like Yolé is a simple copy from Llaollao.


At least LiHo tried to formulate its own image rather than redressing Gong Cha’s brand.

Feature image from Facebook & Eatbook