Do you share the same school as these celebrities?

Ever wondered which schools some of these locals celebrities came from?

So did we! The nosy parker in us thought it’ll be fun to poke our noses and find out which schools these celebrities came from. Some might come as a surprise to you.

It seems that all is fair and square in showbiz. Having a degree from a reputable university does not mean one would succeed in the industry. On the flipside, a degree holder’s acting prowess and fan base may pale in comparison to an artiste from the “less prestigious” school.

Moral of the story? Don’t let your qualifications (or lack thereof) deter you from chasing your dreams.

We analysed 12 tertiary institutions some celebrities were from and here are some similarities we found that made them who they are today:

1. Anglo-Chinese Junior College:

Top: Adrian Pang, Hossan Leong
Bottom: James Lye, Irin Gan


Leong and Pang: Both eventually diversified into theatre.

Lye and Gan: Left a void in our hearts when they left TCS.

2. Hwa Chong Junior College:

HCcelebsFrom left to right: Adam Chen, Alan Tern, Sharon Au

Similarities: We may not see these artistes on the small screens as much now, but they are still outstanding individuals in their own trades. Chen is a serial restaurateur; Tern is an entrepreneur who deals with spectacles; Au holds a managerial position at MediaCorp as the lead of fashion portal styleXstyle.

3. National Junior College:

NJcelebsFrom left to right: Jeanette Aw, Elvin Ng

Similarities: MediaCorp’s hot favourites. ‘Nuff said.

4. St Andrew’s Junior College:

From left to right: Hong Junyang, JJ Lin

Similarities: Both singers have gone to Taiwan to further pursue their music careers.

5. Victoria Junior College:

VJcelebs Top: Michelle Chong, Lee Teng, Glenda Chong, Diana Ser
Bottom: Felicia Chin, Rebecca Lim, Joanne Peh 

Similarities: Lee is signed under Chong’s talent management company, Left Profile, and the two have been recognised for their hosting. Ser and Chong are definitely hot news anchors. Chin, Lim and Peh have been acknowledged for their acting chops and are some of the more popular female artistes.

6. Yishun Junior College

From left to right: Celest Chong, Patricia Mok

Similarities:  Uhhh… their big mouths? The sexy image they portray.

7. Nanyang Polytechnic:

From left to right: Carrie Wong, Romeo Tan 

Similarities: MediaCorp’s up-and-coming stars.

8. Ngee Ann Polytechnic:


Top: Shane Pow, Dawn Yeoh, Daren Tan
Bottom: Jaime Teo, Jamie Yeo, Andie Chen, Alaric Tay 


Pow, Yeoh, and Tan: All of them are blessed in the looks department and are still acting.

Teo and Yeo: Both are hot. One was a former beauty queen, the other a DJ.

Tay and Chen: Both studied film in school and are still interested in film. Tay is an award-winning filmmaker, with his film When We Were Bengs snagging 3 prizes at 2007’s ReelHeART International Film Festival, while Chen documents his family’s adventures on Kandie Network.

9. Republic Polytechnic:

RPcelebsFrom left to right: Tosh Zhang, Ian Fang

Similarities: Idols xiao mei meis go gaga over.

10. Singapore Polytechnic:

SPcelebsFrom left to right: Ivy Lee, Yvonne Lim


Both joined Star Search in the 1990s and were the belles of TCS.

11. Temasek Polytechnic:

TPcelebsTop: Priscelia Chan, Dasmond Koh
Bottom: Fiona Xie, Xu Bin, Somaline Ang 


Chan and Koh: Industry veterans

Xie, Xu, and Ang: The good-lookers

12. ITE

From left to right: Hayley and Jayley Woo, Vincent Ng

Similarities: Besides being an actor, the three have other identities as well. Twins Hayley and Jayley were bloggers before they joined the industry, while Ng is a Wushu champion.

Are schools a determining factor in future success?

As the government says (brace yourself for some propaganda), every school is a good school.

There is no hard and fast rule to success in showbiz – some of these celebrities may have attended what society deems as the more reputable schools while others did not, but still managed to establish a foothold in the industry.

Of course, we’re not saying that studying is not important – it definitely is! But ultimately, as cliché as it sounds, we all make our destinies.

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