Singaporean Opens A Ski Lodge

We all grow up dreaming of achieving so many wonderful things in the future, but how often do we end up chasing these dreams?

Most of us get caught up trying to survive in the expensive country that Singapore is.

This Singaporean is different. She had a dream to run a ski lodge. And so, in a rather un-Singaporean way, she quit her job and did it.


Out of the concrete jungle

Ms Jane Killick, 29, has always been an avid lover of nature and snow, according to Today. For years, she had wanted to move closer to nature, but had been stranded in a marketing job.

Then she took a holiday trip to northern Japan, and her whole life changed.

While roaming the winter paradise of Hakuba village, she fell in love with a small lodge tucked up the Northern Alps of Nagano Prefecture.


Having always wanted to own a ski lodge, Ms Killick took a leap of faith. After returning to Singapore, she quit her marketing job, dug deep into her piggy-bank and purchased the lodge.

Blood, Sweat, Tears

There is no secret recipe to success of course. Even if there were, the main ingredient would definitely be hard work. Ms Killick’s success was no different.

A woman who didn’t know a single word of Japanese, Ms Killick found seemingly mundane tasks, like asking for directions, difficult.

She even had to take up various part-time jobs to survive and to keep her business upfloat.

She invested more than a year into developing the lodge to accommodate guests, adding bathrooms to each room and common facilities that guests could use to warm up after a cold day of skiing.



Was It Worth It?

When asked by Today in a phone interview about her experience, Ms Killick said: “There were many nights when I couldn’t sleep, because there’s so much to worry about.” For example, she was so broke that she once had to take food from her neighbour.

Despite all the hurdles that she had been faced with, she had no regrets. “These are challenges we don’t face in Singapore at all, and that is what I really wanted.”



Not surprisingly, her hard work and dedication have paid off, quite astoundingly. Her brainchild, Uchimaru Hakuba, opened its doors to guests last year — and just take a look at this dream home.





Uchimaru Hakuba

The lodge has been a hit among locals and foreigners alike. While Killick’s friends initially helped her promote the lodge, it soon became a hit online. The lodge has had a steady growth of followers on its Instagram and Facebook page.

Killick even managed to sell out all the rooms for a big part of the winter last year.

The occupants were also immensely satisfied with their stay at Uchimaru Hakuba. The lodge has a whopping 9.5/10 rating on

The most amazing thing about this all is that she virtually manages the lodge alone! Although her boyfriend does pitch in, Ms Killick does the bulk of the work, including the housekeeping and the bookkeeping.

Reviews have also poured in, all lauding the service at the lodge and some even mentioning Ms Killick herself.


Singapore Boleh!

It is rather heartwarming to see a fellow Singaporean following her heart and achieving such success. It really does show that anything is possible with passion and conviction.

We often get caught up in what we deem as a ‘practical’ way of life, and shove aside the dreams and aspirations from our youth. This comes at a price, and our job satisfaction may take a hit. In fact, a survey conducted in the Southeast Asian region last year, revealed Singapore to have the lowest job happiness numbers among our neighbours.

We could all learn a thing or two from Ms Killick about taking that leap of faith and turning our dreams into reality.

Alternatively, you can experience Ms Killick’s dream at Uchimaru Hakuba by booking yourself a room via the lodge’s website.

Featured image from Instagram.