Only 4 long weekends in 2018

The Ministry of Manpower has confirmed the public holidays in Singapore for the year 2018.

Unlike 2017, which had 7 long weekends, holidays that fall on either Monday or Friday are in short supply next year. Only 4 long weekends are forecasted, with one of these being Good Friday.

Here are the long weekends in 2018:

New Year’s Day: 1 Jan (Monday)
Chinese New Year: 16 Feb (Friday)
Good Friday: 30 Mar (Fri)
Hari Raya Puasa: 15 Jun (Fri)

But we took a closer look at the official list, and discovered something interesting.


Of the 11 public holidays, only one of them fall on Wednesday — Hari Raya Haji, 22 Aug.

Which means, with some careful planning, you can get 4 days off at various times, by just taking one day of strategic leave.

But there’s no need to whip out your calculator and calendar — we’ve done the calculations for you here.

Here’s how you can get a total of 36 days off (including weekends) with just 9 days of leave:


30 Dec (Sat)
31 Dec (Sun)
1 Jan (Mon): New Year
2 Jan (Tues): Leave


16 Feb (Fri): CNY1
17 Feb (Sat): CNY2
18 Feb (Sun): CNY3
19 Feb (Mon): Leave


29 Mar (Thurs): Leave
30 Mar (Fri): Good Fri
31 Mar (Sat)
1 Apr (Sun)


28 Apr (Sat)
29 Apr (Sun)
30 Apr (Mon): Leave
1 May (Tues): Labour Day


26 May (Sat)
27 May (Sun)
28 May (Mon): Leave
29 May (Tues): Vesak Day


14 Jun (Thurs): Leave
15 Jun (Fri): Hari Raya Puasa
16 Jun (Sat)
17 Jun (Sun)


9 Aug (Thurs): National Day
10 Aug (Fri): Leave
11 Aug (Sat)
12 Aug (Sun)


3 Nov (Sat)
4 Nov (Sun)
5 Nov (Mon): Leave
6 Nov (Tues): Deepavali


22 Dec (Sat)
23 Dec (Sun)
24 Dec (Mon): Leave
25 Dec (Tues): Christmas

Careful planning goes a long way

In case you need a reminder, here are the days to take leave in 2018:

2 Jan, 18 Feb, 29 Mar, 30 Apr, 28 May, 14 Jun, 10 Aug, 5 Nov, 24 Dec.

With just 9 days of leave, you can take a well-deserved 4-day break almost once a month. Now, the only thing you have to worry about, is how to pay for those short getaways.

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