For you, good news is probably no news

Yesterday (12 May), the Ministry of Manpower announced that there will be 6 long weekends in 2016.


My reaction to this:


Reactions from all other young people:


Because for most Singaporean youths, public holidays aren’t the simple “take leave, pack your bag and fly” occasions.

Here are some other reasons why long weekends simply don’t excite us young things anymore:

1. You just finished ‘A’ Levels and you’re too damn free

If you’re like me, and finished ‘A’s in November then you will. totally. get. me.

too damn free

Freaking 8 months holiday (sorry if I’m rubbing it in, rest of Singapore’s students).

After stalking close observation of post A’s Insta pictures, I deduced that by the end of December, an average graduate would have went on at least one family trip and spammed graduation trips like they drink water.

A long weekend is like an extra drop of water.

If not, you belong to:

2. You are a suay NS man with weekend duty

Also, sorry if you enlisted in December. My heart goes out to you.


(Or you want ang paos.)

(Or you miss your gf.)


3. You have holiday homework


Holiday Homework is the very definition of pain.

4. And you want to go to Starbucks to study but the queue’s like:


I guess this is largely appropriate now:


Plus, this is the same for every. national. library. ever.

In the end, you give up queuing and go home. But:

5. You slacked all the way till Sunday

Because you literally scrolled (Insta/YouTube/Twitter/Facebook blahblahblah) your weekend away, and it hits you that THERE’S. STILL. HOMEWORK.

holiday homework 2Source

But if it’s the end of the year and there’s no books:

6. You partied too hard during New Year’s and spent the rest of the weekend napping

New Year’s Eve free ticket right……

Your friend jio-ed you right…………

Your first time so you just whack right…………



Another possible situation:

7. You spoiled your night taking care of your drunk friend

You have the one in self-denial:

The one who loses her shit:


The one who won’t stop puking:


Oh gosh I’m starting another article already. Time to stop.

8. You want to go shopping but Editor’s is too crowded

Your reaction to the dressing room queue:

hell noSource

Tip of the day: Go to the Orchard Central outlet. The queues are shorter. *wink*

9. You got enough ang pao money to spend in the long weekend but

Your parents force you to “put inside POSB”.


10. Finally, you have parents who leave you at home while they paktor overseas


Even worse: on your family Whatsapp group, they send kissy selfies and food porn pictures.

Why did you teach them how to use Whatsapp again?


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Featured image via Know Your Meme
With references from Ministry of Manpower