Singaporean Mails A Lost Letter Addressed to CDAC That She Picked Up On A Bus

When people walk past toppled Obikes, most of them couldn’t even take 5 extra seconds to help put it back up right.

Which explains the common belief that most Singaporeans are apathetic.


Yet this Singaporean girl is out to challenge that notion — by going out of her way to make sure a stranger’s unmailed letter reaches its destination.

Now she’s calling upon the power of Facebook to notify the owner of the letter that it’s been delivered.

In a Facebook post, she uploads a picture of the letter so that the owner can instantly identify if its his or hers.


Letter lost, letter found

June found an enclosed letter on the floor of the bus 56 on Monday (9 Apr) around 6.30pm in the evening.

She believes that the owner alighted at Little India Station.

The letter was addressed to Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC), but there were no further details on letter.

It’s unclear if a stamp had already been purchased for the letter, but June made sure to put it in a mailbox.

Her Facebook post hopes to reach the owner of the letter — to remind him or her to call CDAC to check on the status of delivery.


When MustShareNews approached by June for comment, she shared with us why she went the extra mile.

She wrote,

CDAC is an organisation helping the needy. I used to grow up in these environment. I asked myself, what if the person who wants to send the letter out is applying for something that they in need of? It doesn’t harm me to help post that letter out. At least I know I did what I can do to help.

Aww. We need more people like June in this world!

Faith in humanity restored


This should be enough for Singa the Kindness Lion to resume his job immediately.

Kudos to June for being generous and going the extra mile for a complete stranger. #steadyla.

To quote Aesop,

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

For the rest of us who’re equally inspired, we can start by doing a good deed for people around us. Like helping our colleagues refill their mugs or replacing an empty tissue box.

Featured image from Facebook.