The Internet is the mother of all lost and found corners

I’ve always known the Internet was good at this, but I didn’t know they were this good.

Here’s what happened.

SMRT Ltd (Feedback), a SMRT parody account on Facebook, posted this announcement earlier this morning (20 July) at around 10 am:


This was accompanied by an ordinarily appropriate photo of the wallet and its contents:


Posts like this are so common on social media, the layman would have predictably responded like so:

1) *Read post* k.

2) Click share (cos why not).

3) Completely forget about the good deed you contributed to 5 minutes later.

Don’t forget to be impressed

Thanks to the normalcy and copious recurrence of these ‘lost and found’ posts online, I’m guilty of underestimating just how good the Internet is at this job myself.

That’s why I’m now going to make sure nobody else forgets to clap for the Internet, by showing you just how good is ‘good’.

Fix your eyes on this:


Facebook user Chucky Kecik started this conversation with SMRT Ltd in their comment box only shortly after the post was put up.

4 replies and a private message later, SMRT Ltd confirmed the identity of the wallet’s owner.

That took only around 30 minutes.

Yes, let that sink in for a moment.

Rightfully smug about their swift deed, SMRT Ltd put up this update:


That’s not all

SMRT Ltd and all other “social media lost and found corners” are better than the police at this. And they know it.

This was the boss comeback they had for someone still in the dark about the Internet’s beastly skills:


How impressed are you now?

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