About LRT’s Train Service Disruption In Sengkang

Commuters on board the Sengkang West Loop LRT were left stranded mid-track this morning because of a service disruption. There was no LRT train service both ways between Sengkang and Renjong for about half an hour, which spelled trouble for all commuters.

In a tweet sent at 7:44 am, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said that the train had been stalled and free bus rides were available between stations. That’s good news, right? Nope.

Train service eventually continued at 8:12am but not before lucky commuters who were stuck in the train got a chance to walk along the tracks nearby Compass Point shopping mall amid the atrocious haze.

The train lag comes right after the two-hour SMRT train disruption just last night, when train services between Marina Bay and Newton stations came to a halt for two hours on the North South line at about 8:40pm because of two defective trains at Somerset station.

Taxi drivers were treated to a queue buffet in places like Raffles City taxi stand.

We thought they were queuing for the iPhone 6, but no—these are disgruntled passengers waiting for the next train at Somerset last night.

To the woe of the public and not so much of taxi drivers, this is the 4th breakdown in the past seven weeks and part of an alarming hike in the number of train disruptions in recent months.

Research collected by The Online Citizen shows the number of train disruptions this year alone has spiked. Check out the graphic below:

In 2011, SMRT entered the “hall of shame” during the worst transport breakdown in Singapore history when four train services were disrupted during the evening peak-hour, affecting thousands of passengers. Since then, the transport infrastructure has only been stretched out by the weight of an ever-increasing population of more than 5 million people.

The sustainability of pubic transport is crucial especially when the cost of maintaining cars here can cost more than some homes.

Yet every day, there are more complaints about overcrowded buses, delayed train and ineffective taxis that do vanishing acts right before peak hour surcharge.

We say bring back the 90s roller-shoes Heelys—surely there’s a more creative and cost-effective way to get around.

With reference to Today Online and The Straits Times
Video via Alexandria School of Science
Images via sinyeeivy, theonlinecitizen, screenshot via Alexandria School of Science.