Lucky 4D Numbers Real? 4D Analytics Project Done By Guys Who Took On MRT Delays

After analysing MRT delays, a local team has put their knowledge of data analytics to good use again — calculating 4D numbers and their winning odds.

Users u/Sproinkerino and u/captmomo hoped to investigate whether it’s true that “some numbers are luckier than others”, in a Reddit post on Monday (28 May).

Let’s dive right into what their study uncovered.

Some numbers are indeed “luckier” than others

They created a few simple visual charts for 4D numbers 0000 to 9999.

Red is used to signify that some numbers are “luckier”, since they’ve won comparatively more prize money.

6000 – 6999Source

7000 – 7999Source

8000 – 8999Source

Key: Dark Red (>$4,000), Orange Red (>$3,000), Dark Orange (>$2,000), Light Orange (>$1,000), Yellow (<$1,000)

According to the histogram of historical winning numbers, these are some of the results:

Highest performing numbers:

  1. 7132 – $4,850
  2. 7123 – $4,650
  3. 9981 – $4,550
  4. 3798 – $4,400
  5. 3865 – $4,350
  6. 0094 – $4,250
  7. 0852 – $4,200
  8. 6440 – $4,200
  9. 4759 – $4,100
  10. 6588 – $4,100
  11. 7883 – $4,050
  12. 8617 – $4,050
  13. 7135 – $4,000

Lowest performing numbers:

  • 6190 – $50
  • 2982 – $50

Coincidence or Lady Luck at work? You be the judge.

Betting on the same 4-digits versus fixed deposits

Best of all, they even created a mobile app to help you calculate how much winnings your preferred 4D number has garnered over the years.


Simply key in the years you’ve bet for, the betting amount & 4D number. The app will generate how much winnings you would have earned.

It’ll also tell you how much you’ve spent, your net winnings, and hilariously — how much you would have earned instead if you invested them as fixed deposits at 1.5% interest per annum.

A word of caution

The duo did, however, offer a word of caution to this 4D tale.

Using a simple gambling strategy for 4D – known as the Martingale strategy – they tested how legit it was in ensuring that the gambler won.

Martingale Strategy for 4D

  • Start with $10,000
  • Buy $1 worth of 4D
  • If you win money, buy $1 for the next round.
  • If you lose money, buy (10,000 – current cash)/60 + 1, rounded down.
    • So even if you only win the consolation prize, you can recoup your losses.
  • If your cash exceeds $11,000, stop playing.

This strategy results in the player playing at least 10,000 games. If the player wins at least once, they will have enough money to play again or cash out.

To lose all your capital, you’ll have to lose 10,000 times in a row.

They used python – a programming language – to recreate a simulation of this strategy.

Out of 2000 scenarios, only 626 of them resulted in money made. The average loss was $2,869.04.

Case in point – even with a “funky strategy”, a gambler may stand to lose more than 50% of the time.

Not advocates of gambling

The creators of this 4D analytics project are not advocates of gambling, but wish to show that there’s a “net negative expected payoff”.

In the hopes that aunties and uncles who love 4D will treat it as a form of “entertainment” and not a “form of investment”.

Instead, the duo reminded their readers that the house – aka Singapore Pools – always wins.

No sure-fire way to win

So folks, there’s no free lunch in the world or straight formula to winning 4D, but at least there’s a little more data on the popular game.

Do you think these statistics are legit? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image from Wei Feng Ng on Imgur.