Attack On Luxury Cars At Workshop

A car workshop in Kung Chong Rd, Redhill, discovered seven of its luxury cars splashed with paint remover on Saturday morning.

The owner of the workshop said that there were no signs of burglary from the cars and nothing was stolen. Upon seeing the damaged cars, he called the police immediately and the affected customers were informed of the news, after an inspection of the area.

“Of course, they were angry, but not at us. They understand that this is an unfortunate incident… We will make sure the cars are restored to brand-new condition,”

There were 50 surveillance cameras installed at the workshop and the footage has been handed over to the police.

Second incident in six months

Interestingly, it is the second time that the workshop has been targeted, although the previous incident in June reported no damage to the vehicles. Back then, “paint was flung in from outside the compound, but it fell on the ground and none of the cars was affected. No one was arrested.”

Security is expected to be beefed up and a full-time guard may be hired to patrol the area, according to the owner. The damages are likely to be covered by insurance.

Attacks also made online

Slanderous posts have previously been made on various car forums spreading false information about Optima Werkz, beginning August this year.

Additionally, no other workshops in the area were affected, causing netizens to speculate that a rival business might have been behind the incident.



One thing is clear: the workshop is a repeated target for vandalism, and there are people actively attempting to undermine its reputation online.

An affected car owner said that “more preventive measures would boost customers’ confidence.” He lauded the professionalism and honesty of the workshop, acknowledging that the workshop was not at fault and that they were doing what they could to resolve the problem.

Let’s not play the blame game

Good to know that not every negative experience has to be responded to with a scathing blog or forum post online denouncing the company. The car owners’ responses also highlight their maturity to not get angry at the workshop for failing to safeguard their luxury cars, despite having the right to do so.

I for one would push for physical security  guarding the workshop after hours as it would go a long way in restoring customers’ trust and ensuring that they can continue to send their ‘wives’ there.

Car lovers may wish to take a minute to mourn the damages to the luxury cars – a Ferrari, a Volvo, two Audis and three Mercedes.

With reference to: The Straits Times
Images via: BMW Forums, Straits Times FB, MyCarForum
Featured Image via: The Straits Times