M. Ravi declared unfit to practice law by Law Society of Singapore

M. Ravi, human rights lawer, has been in the spotlight recently, but not always for the right reasons. A video of him taking issue with Roy Ngerng not appearing in court appeared online, and he held a press conference, seemingly out of nowhere, declaring his intent to run for the Ang Mo Kio GRC.

No issues with that, except M. Ravi has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder since 2006, and the videos allegedly show the lawyer undergoing manic episodes.

Examples of manic behaviour:

Speaking in a rapid, uninterruptible manner, agitation, racing thoughts, displaying an increase in goal-oriented activities.


The Law Society apparently had a problem with his alleged manic behaviour, and deemed him unfit to practice law as of 10 February, until he undertakes a medical exam. The Law Society did not explicitly reveal reasons for dismissal, but would only say that their decision was based on information that they received.

His response?

Storming into the LawSoc building in South Bridge Road on the same day (10 February), with cameraman and letter in tow.

Short summary of the video:

  • Accusing LawSoc of losing its independence
  • Accusing Lee Hsien Loong of “fixing” him because he’s running for Parliament
  • Restating his intent to be Prime Minister by claiming he’s “ready”.
  • Handing the Law Society chairman a letter challenging the dismissal (he’s allowed to do that)
  • Calling LawSoc the “Lost Society”
  • Alleging that prime ministers were selected because of their race
  • Claiming that his psychologist Dr. Winslow had declared him fit to practice

With him was an Angelina, holding a placard with the words “STOP PERSECUTION OF M RAVI”.

Is this another example of a manic episode?

You should watch the video if you have the time. He’s actually pretty entertaining.

Featured image via YouTube
With references from Yahoo News