M. Ravi To Challenge Elected Presidency In London

Even as the applications have opened for Singapore’s first presidential election on Thursday (June 1), a long-standing advocate for human rights has been trying tirelessly to stop it.

Lawyer M. Ravi, who has already launched a constitutional challenge against the elected presidency, will now be going all the way to London to challenge the Elected Presidency Scheme (EPS), calling it his “national services”, according to a post on his Facebook profile.

That’s some commitment, indeed.


Why London?

When we saw Mr Ravi’s post, we probably wondered the same thing as most people would have — why London?

Well, it’s where he says Singapore citizens’ right to stand for elections regardless of race, language or religion was formulated in the first place.

The application in London’s High Court, according to Mr Ravi, would be

…to challenge the EPS in London for a serious derogation of the commitment given to the Malays, British Indian subjects and Chinese immigrants under the Reid Commission of 1954 to the right of equality to stand for elections regardless of race, language or religion, the same of which formed part of the 1963 Constitution of the Federation of Malaya which then formed part of the Republic of Singapore Independence Act (RSIA) of 1965.

In other words, Mr Ravi is saying that the coming presidential election that is reserved for Malay candidates violates the right of all Singapore citizens to stand for election regardless of race, language or religion.

And this right is enshrined in the Reid Commission, which was appointed in London to draft the Constitution of the Federation of Malaya, in order for Malaya to be independent of the United Kingdom.


Well, Mr Ravi said this right of equality in the Reid Commission formed part of the  Constitution of the Federation of Malaya, which also formed part of the Republic of Singapore Independence Act.

So, that’s why he has to go all the way to London to challenge the EPS.

Raising Funds

Mr Ravi also said in his post that he is raising $150,000 in estimated costs of his constitutional challenge to the EPS.

This is because he’s prepared for costs to be filed against him as a result of his application, and he’s aware of a change to the law that allows the Government to claim multiple costs against him.

The amount will also fund the travel expenses for him and his assistant to London, where he has hired a legal consultancy firm and found some lawyers willing to help him pro bono.

In a caption to a Facebook Live video he made on Thursday (June 1), he revealed that his constitutional challenge will be made in 3 different countries: Singapore, Malaysia and Britain.

So if you want to contribute towards the “M. Ravi Global Elected Presidency Challenge”, be sure to send cash to:

United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB) Account Number: 340-305-921-6
Swift Code: UOVBSGSG
Branch Code: 019

Mr Ravi will also be setting up a PayPal account, the details of which he will furnish in due time.

Brave Effort

We think it’s undoubtedly brave for Mr Ravi to be going up against the Government again, but wonder whether he will find success in his repeated endeavours to challenge the authorities.

For as he’s doing it, the motions of the presidential election are already going ahead.

Featured images adapted from thuraisingam.com and Facebook