Plaintiff: M. Ravi; Defendant: PM Lee Hsien Loong

So activist lawyer M. Ravi has just announced that he will be running in the next General Election as an independent candidate, meaning that he will not stand with any political party. He also proclaimed that his campaign would have a “Singaporeans First” ideology. One idea that he has is that of making the study of Singapore’s four official languages compulsory in the curriculum, to “promote equality in the languages”.

He will contest the Ang Mo Kio GRC, where he will face up against PM Lee Hsien Loong’s GRC. However, since he has not announced his six-member team who will run with him, we will help predict who his choices are likely to be.

1. Roy Ngerng

Who: Popular activist and blogger over at The Heart Truths

roy ngerng

Why him: Ngerng is likely to appeal to haters of the PAP because he disagrees with PAP policies and is not afraid to make a stand. (Hence, the defamation lawsuit from PM Lee). Being openly gay as well may also help Ravi bring in votes from the LGBTQ community in Singapore.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 10.15.05 am

Why not him: If Ngerng loses his defamation lawsuit, he will be bankrupt and will not be eligible to run for election.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 10.21.22 am

Maybe he will do another crowdfunding venture.

2. Han Hui Hui

Who: New Singaporean citizen, made headlines for heckling special needs children at a concert put up for them at Hong Lim Park.

Why her: Very anti-PAP. A cursory scan of her Facebook page is full of #ReturnOurCPF and #VoteOutPAP hashtags.

Why not her:

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 10.34.13 am

Enough said.

3. The water woman

Who: Remember Vellama D/O Marie Muthu, the woman who sued the PAP not once, but twice?


Why her: Politics doesn’t always have to be about top-class lawyers and people in senior management positions. Vellama could provide some grounding for Ravi’s team and assure Ang Mo Kio-ians that they understand their needs and concerns.

She would also appeal to the Indian community. Plus, the duo look pretty good together in the above picture anyway.

Why not her: She bears an uncanny resemblance to this woman.

They even have the same purplish shade of clothing on. So people might not take her too seriously. Hmm.

4. Goh Meng Seng

Who: Ex Secretary-General of the National Solidarity Party

goh meng seng

Why him: He announced that he will run in the next election after taking a break from politics after the 2011 General Election. He has not decided whether or not to join a party, but if Ravi manages to get him into his team, he will bring a wealth of experience. There will at least be one political stalwart who knows what he is doing.

5. Alex Au

Who: Founder of and blogger at Yawning Bread.

alex au

Why him: Not afraid to speak his mind, even if it is controversial. He implied that Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon acted “improperly and with bias” in a hearing that had sought to overturn Section 377A of the Penal Code.

Why not him: Might be too much gay-ness in the team, and the bulk of Singaporeans are still not quite accepting towards homosexuality yet.

GE 2015/2016/2017?

This contest against foes will be extremely entertaining to watch. Ravi currently represents Roy Ngerng in an ongoing defamation suit instigated by PM Lee, so we don’t think the fight will be very pleasant. Expect lots of mud-slinging and snide remarks.

let games begin

Featured Image via Temasek Times, The Real Singapore
With reference to 76Crimes, The Real Singapore, TODAY