Maggots Found In Eggs At Giant Supermarket, So Please Check Before Buying Groceries


Maggots Found In Supermarket Eggs

“Madam, would you like some maggots with your eggs?”

The next time you go grocery shopping at the supermarket, it would be wise to inspect your potential purchases first — especially eggs.

Facebook user Jas Teo was shocked after discovering tiny maggots crawling inside a carton of eggs, allegedly from an unspecified branch of Giant supermarket.

Staff Not Bothered?

In the post on her Facebook profile on Tuesday (May 2), she said she saw the stomach-churning sight when she visited the supermarket last Saturday (April 29).


Any human’s natural reaction would be to squirm in disgust inform the staff on duty — Jas Teo’s was no different.

However, she claimed the staff were “too short handed to bother” since “only 2 cashier counters” were made available to serve the snaking queues.

A Trend

According to netizen Petrina Pang, it was apparently not the first time this has happened at Giant supermarket. She had personally witnessed a couple of similar incidents and had reported them to the customer service officers on duty:


Fellow netizens had some possible theories to explain what had happened, with many agreeing that the eggs might have been cracked “during transport” or by “careless shoppers”, attracting the nasty bugs as a result.

Others tried to dole out advice on how to avoid bad eggs.

Others said that such incidents can happen anywhere.

Other Incidents

We think that last point is true, as this has indeed happened in other supermarkets.

Just a few weeks ago, netizen Liew Weekiong posted a photo of what she claimed to be maggots inside a packet of quail eggs, allegedly seen at a FairPrice outlet in Jurong East.


Check Please

So, the next time you purchase eggs, carefully scan the interiors of the packaging to see if there are maggots.

All it takes is a slight crack and flies would start laying their eggs… inside another egg.

And yes, such things can happen in your own homes as well, so do remain vigilant for the sake of the folks you are cooking for.

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