People Want PM Mahathir To Get Nobel Peace Prize, For Wanting To Save Malaysia At Age 92

An online petition to get Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad a Nobel Peace Prize garnered 93,481 signatures within 2 days.

Ms Alexandria Abishegam started the online petition on on Saturday (26 May).

The current goal is to collect 150,000 signatures for the man who can “cast aside his own political prejudices […] to save our nation”.

With more than half of the signatures collected, we’re sure that’s a good indicator of public sentiment.

“Nelson Mandela” of Malaysia

Ms Abishegam likened PM Mahathir to South Africa’s first black president, Nelson Mandela, for two reasons.


Firstly, he managed to oversee a peaceful transfer of power.

She cited PM Mahthir’s response to Barisan Nasional’s (BN) “underhand ‘tricks’…used to prevent a fair election”.

In the face of these “tricks”, PM Mahathir “inspired millions of voters – ‘the ordinary rakyat’…to fight back by voting and speaking out in a peaceful and non-violent way”.

P.S. “Rakyat” refers to the ordinary citizen.

Secondly, PM Mahathir “specifically stat[ed]” that the new government was “not seeking revenge” in spite of the corruption and injustices committed by BN.

Instead, the new government wants to “restore the rule of law“.


“Giant of a Man”

Ms Abishegam also called PM Mahathir a “Giant of a Man”.

This is not only because he openly admitted his faults and apologised for his mistakes.


PM Mahathir also “cast aside his own political prejudices” to work with past nemeses for Malaysia’s sake.

For instance, he was instrumental in getting Anwar Ibrahim out of jail.

This truly made him a man and a leader worthy of respect, in her eyes. And surely, in the hearts of those who signed the petition.

Beacon of hope

Ms Abishegam also wrote that PM Mahathir’s contributions do not stop at his desire to promote “transparency, democracy and rule of law for Malaysia”.

His greatest gift to Malaysians is the “hope, faith and ‘PRIDE’ in…Malaysia” he inspires.

This comes in light of significant unhappiness over corruption scandals involving Malaysian politicians in recent years, with allegations that billions of dollars have been siphoned off ‘the ordinary rakyat’.

Strong support

At the time of writing, 93,481 people have signed the petition.


The figure is rising quickly.

Echoing Ms Abishegam’s views, Netizens have similarly praised PM Mahathir for his “untiring efforts” to “save” Malaysia.


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