Mahjong Keyboard Sets Are Now For Sale

If your idea of “bonding with friends” is a friendly 24-hour mahjong session, boy do we have the deal for you. You can now make your keyboard reflect your life of gambling — with mahjong keyboard sets.

Just take a look at this.


It’s a keyboard — just filled with various mahjong tiles.

Instead of numbers on the number pad, we get corresponding values of dots, a suit used in mahjong.


Other numbered suits are also available, including the ten thousand and bamboo suits.


Instead of arrows, there’s also the option of using the Chinese characters for north, south, east, and west — also important characters in mahjong.


True fans can also opt for other tiles to replace various keys on their keyboard. Because the keys are interchangable all across the keyboard, they could realistically be used to replace any key.

Where to buy?

The keys were advertised by a shop called X-treme Solution.

According to their Facebook page, they are located at Sim Lim Square, unit #02-21, and are open daily from 12pm to 8pm.

However, the keysets don’t come cheap. A set of nine numbers goes for $69, while a set of 4 characters goes for $39. This price doesn’t seem to include the price of the keyboard, but just the keys themselves.


Additionally, there’s no telling if the keys will be suitable for your keyboard, so it’s best to go down and check it out yourself.

But if you’re ready to huat this year, this is the only way to do it right.

Prefer having tiles on your fingers instead?

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Featured image via X-treme Solution.