PM Najib Says New KL MRT “On A Par” With Singapore’s, Signal Fault Occurs


Malaysian MRT Experiences Issues Shortly After PM Najib Boasts About It

Be careful what you wish for.

Just little more than 2 weeks after Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s claims that their new MRT system is “on a par” with Singapore’s, a signal fault occurred.

Perhaps he hasn’t been keeping himself up to date with Singapore’s repeated MRT breakdowns due to signalling system checks.

On A Par With Singapore

During the launch of the second phase of Malaysia’s MRT system on Monday (July 17), PM Najib proclaimed the network to be superior to its London, New York and Hong Kong counterparts.

Malaysia’s Number One.


When asked about the S$6.7 billion infrastructure project, he boldly quoted an unnamed person, reported Today:

I asked someone recently to rate our MRT, where do we stand compared to others? The person said we are better than London, New York, or Hong Kong. And on a par with Singapore.

Full Of Praise

In words that would probably turn Singapore’s Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan green with envy, PM Najib was also quoted by The Star as declaring:

As Malaysians, we can stand tall today that we have a world-class project for the people.

The PM added further that he felt “enormous pride and personal satisfaction”, boasting that they possessed the most modern MRT system in the world.

I think something’s wrong with my signal.


If what happens in Singapore whenever the authorities say positive things about our MRT also happens in Malaysia, you can probably predict what will happen next, in classic Khaw Boon Wan fashion.

For Singaporeans who really don’t know what we are talking (have you been living under a rock?), what we are talking about is a train break down.

The Inevitable Happens

On Tuesday (August 2), MRT operator Rapid KL posted on its Facebook page informing commuters that the signalling system for 2 lines was down, and to expect delays.

No, we are not making this up. See for yourself:


Let’s hope for our neighbours’ sake that it’s just a one-off incident.

After all, tempting fate can be a risky thing to do.

Similarities And Differences

Who knew we’d actually have more in common with the Malaysians that previously thought, even right down to the comments.



Train Discounts

One difference, however, was that PM Najib slashed all fares for public transportation in Malaysia by half to commemorate the launch.

And he hasn’t criticised the media for reporting on train delays, yet.

Now that’s something we’ll never see happen here, so he’s got that going for him, which is nice.


Perhaps our transport operators could learn a thing or two and slash the fares every now and then, to make up for the incessant delays.

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