Malaysia And Singapore Can Be Lifelong Friends, This Quora Thread Reminds Us


Neighbours Can Be Friends, Too

With Singapore and Malaysia again squabbling over Pedra Branca, many of us are questioning why it seems that both countries still can’t get along. People cite existing historical animosities, politics, territorial boundaries, etc. — and we’ve probably heard them all.

But despite whatever differences we may have, perhaps we should focus on how both countries have complemented each other, so that we can establish a peaceful, amicable relationship with our next-door neighbour. After all, we’ve been through thick and thin together.

And this is exactly what we realised from this thread on Quora — think of it as a more censored and formal version of Reddit — when an anonymous user posed this question to Quora users:


No Offence

The question kinda seems like clickbait, already implying that Singapore is just better than Malaysia.

But rather than taking offence, as some Malaysians might, some users of the site actually gave their two cents’ worth on the pros and cons of living in Singapore and Malaysia.

That’s right, we finally encountered some objective people on the Internet, and it gave us hope for Singaporeans and Malaysians.

Here are some takeaways from the thread:

1. Friendship Is More Important

According to this user, friendship is what brings joy, and that’s more valuable than anything either country can give us:

quora thread sg

While some may believe such a view is too idealistic, it doesn’t hurt to dream sometimes.

2. Singapore’s Not Perfect

People tend to forget that just like every other country in the world, Singapore isn’t perfect.

We’re known to be one of the most stressed-out cities out there, which many of us feel is an unfortunate side effect of our high-pressure education system and the relentness growth of our economy. Simply put, life isn’t all that amazing in Singapore, too.

quora thread sg

quora thread sg

3. Malaysia Deserves Love, Too

Despite whatever circumstances Malaysia is facing today, it’s still important for Malaysians to stick around, or the country will never get out of the mire, say these respondents, who can see the bright side of living in Malaysia:

quora thread sg

quora thread sg

quora thread sg

4. Appreciated Equally

The general consensus we got from the thread is that there’s no need to compare the two countries just because of our close proximity.

quora thread sg

quora thread sg

quora thread sg

Come on, we rely on each other quite a lot too.

quora thread sg

Keep Spreading The Love

Sure, our shared history may be a bit rough. But it’s important not to let our nationalities control our attitudes toward one another.

Instead, we ought to work together to achieve more than we’ve already done.


Who knows, there may be even greater things coming, like the new High-Speed Railway.

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