UPDATE (7 April)

The police are currently in the process of investigation. They verified that a spot-check had indeed been carried out at a “public entertainment outlet” in Bras Basah Road, and that a 41-year-old man had been arrested.

A policeman took Tan’s statement at around noon at Tan Tock Seng Hospital last Saturday (4 April). The police said that they view complaints against their officers very seriously.

This won’t look good on the police if accusation is found to be true

A 40-year-old man has filed a police report against the… police.

Businessman Lim Chin Huat alleged that he was hit by a group of plain clothes policemen after he tried to turn over one of their identification cards that was facing the wrong way up.

Background story

According to Mr Lim, he was out drinking with some friends at a pub on 2 April. The group was then approached by some plain clothes policemen who were conducting a random check.

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Author’s Note: The original article by The Online Citizen reported that the incident took place at a pub called “Yang Gui Fei” at Hotel Rendezvous. However, checks by MustShareNews on Hotel Rendezvous’ website showed no such place. However, there is a “Yang Gui Fei” Chinese restaurant at Smith Street. 

Mr Lim said that the policemen were wearing their identification tags, but it was turned inwards. He tried to verify that they were indeed policemen, but they allegedly refused to comply.

Even so, Lim still cooperated and passed his identification card to the policemen. The policemen then asked Lim and his group for their contact details.

When Lim asked one of the policemen for his name, the man “mumbled” it.

The trouble

The problems started when Mr Lim reached out to try and turn over the policeman’s ID tag. The policeman’s colleagues then shouted at Lim, saying that he was not allowed to do so. Lim then apologised, and defended himself by saying that he was not aware of such a rule.

The group of police officers then made “obvious eye contact with each other” before restraining Lim’s arms. They also pinned him down to the floor, causing Lim to land on his right cheek. Lim was then handcuffed, and the policemen kept shouting “don’t move” even though Lim was supposedly not even moving.

The policemen also reportedly kept smashing their knees into Lim’s face repeatedly and caused severe bleeding from his head. The police only stopped when a bystander shouted out that Lim was already bleeding.

The policemen then dragged Lim outside of the pub, and did not allow his friends to come along. One of the policemen then allegedly “slammed” Lim’s face onto a car bonnet.


A video of the incident was taken by one of Mr Lim’s friends.

Fearful of the police now

It is believed that Lim has been charged for “disorderly behaviour” and for “assaulting a police officer”.

Lim said in Chinese that he never expected such behaviour from the police.

“The police cannot be trusted, there is no justice.”


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With reference to The Online Citizen, Channel NewsAsia