Man Who Swallowed Memory Card After Taking Upskirt Video Gets 3 Months Jail

A 25-year-old Malaysian electrician used his handphone to take an upskirt video of a 28-year-old woman and then swallowed the memory card. For insulting her modesty and destroying evidence, he was jailed for three months.

Koo Kiat Boon was on board an SBS bus on September 3 this year when he spotted a woman standing in front of him on the crowded bus. He was headed towards Woodlands Checkpoint after ending work.

Koo bent down, outstretched his hand under the woman’s skirt and started recording. A commuter who saw what he was doing grabbed his hand. Caught red-hand, Koo smashed his phone on the floor, in attempt to destroy the evidence. After that, he removed the bent memory card from his phone and swallowed it.

The bus driver honked at police officers on duty at Woodlands Checkpoint for help and Koo was arrested after. The memory card was never found and is forever lost in his digestive track.

Sexual Assault Involves More Than The Victim And Prey

One of the most striking things about the incident is how the quick thinking of one passenger helped nabbed this man instantly. In a matter of seconds, the fellow passenger grabbed the sexual predator’s hand. He saw something was wrong and intervened without second thought. Period. The bus driver made sure that the police was alerted at the stop. And the police took the man in straightaway. The quick thinking of every one around the victim helped proved the point that we do not tolerate this behaviour.

Sexual assault involves more than just the victim and the perpetrator. It is about more than what the victim was wearing or the mental state of the sexual predator. It also involves those around them. Voyeurs like Koo are empowered by the silence of the people around him.

Domestic violence may not be obvious until someone points it out. Fire trucks don’t arrive until someone calls for them. Sexual assault too can go unnoticed unless we keep an open eye for it.


With reference to Channel News Asia
Featured image via Flickr