Youtuber Dives Into Fountain To Revive Local Sports

Remember the man who made news last week when he swam in the fountain at Ngee Ann City? His swimming trunks, goggles and victory sign after a lap in the shallow waters left a deep impression on passersby and netizens, who have been trying to crack his identity since.

As it turns out, the sporting swimmer is none other than Haresh Tilani, the man behind the Youtube comedy channel ‘Ministry of Funny’.

Apart from splashing in the fountain, the ex-hockey player plays various sports in the most unexpected locations in his latest video, ‘Street Olympics’. He explains why he decided to come up with the hilarious clip.

“But since people don’t seem to care about sports anymore, I’m making the best of it by being sporty wherever I want..

But at this point there seems to be so much online hate towards local sports, despite the awesome achievements of our athletes, the most famous of whom is Joseph Schooling (who also got a lot of negativity directed towards him).

So I just wanted to get my sentiments across about how I feel about the current situation. And what better way to do that then through a video, right? ;)”

The video is nothing short of viral magic. Haresh puts a funny twist to the mundanity of our everyday routines when he challenges the MRT train in a sprint or when he plays table tennis in the food court.

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But alas, no good video can escape the wrath of the online critics. When news of Haresh swimming first emerged online, xenophobic keyboard warriors were just as quick to shoot insults.

Good news though, Haresh who is Singaporean, is planning to come up with another funny video to highlight the harsh criticism.

The critics should just learn to brighten up and take things easy. Maybe they could pick up a sport to vent their frustrations, let Haresh Tilani show you how.

With reference to Reddit, Youtube
Images via Ministry Of Funny, STOMP
Featured image via Youtube