Some give their full support, others say that this is pure madness

Every Singaporean knows it’s our Golden Jubilee this year. Tons of ideas have flooded in from people from all walks of life. We’ve received these cute, uniquely Singaporean stickers…

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We may even be planning to go overseas during the extra public holiday courtesy of President Tony Tan. But the most challenging and outlandish idea we’ve seen yet? This.

Run baby run

We discovered after LKY’s unfortunate death that he was a runner. A runner with some serious leg muscles.

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This could be what prompted the conceptualisation of this massive challenge: to run 50km for 50 consecutive days. The total mileage of 2500km has failed to deter these two runners who have stepped up to the plate.

Who they are

Enter Lim Nghee Huat and Yong Yuen Cheng, the two seasoned runners who have taken up the challenge organised by Heartware Network and the ITE. We logically assumed that these two men were professional runners i.e. full-time running is their job. But surprise surprise, they’re not.

Lim is the editor of Mediacorp’s Chinese current affairs department…

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…whilst Yong is a teacher at Hwa Chong Institution.


This crazy event is part of a SG50 tribute A Nation In Motion, which aims to get participants to clock their desired mileage by the time 4 June 2015 arrives.

The running process

Yong is our fastest ultra-marathon runner, and completed the 168-kilometre long Ultra Marathon Run Round Singapore. Editor Lim ran the 217-kilometre Badwater Ultra-marathon, and holds the record for being the first South-East Asian man to accomplish this feat.

You would be forgiven for thinking that this daily 50km challenge would hence be easy for them, but the duo beg to differ, calling this the “most challenging” run yet.

Question 1: Do they drink while running?

Answer: Yes, they will consume isotonic drinks and water as they run. A van will follow them and provide them with the supplies when necessary.

Question 2: How will they eat?

Answer: Apart from drinking, they will also eat as they go along their running path. Foods on the menu include bananas, papayas and honeydews. Such veterans don’t have to worry about getting a stitch like us plebeians. Their bodies are far more “conditioned”.

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The public support

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Some people just dismissed the challenge nonchalantly.

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And others stepped up to the challenge in well, their own unique way.

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The real purpose of the run

The 2500km run is not meant to be self-gratifying nor an unnecessary attention grabber. Rather, the organising committee has a deeper and more meaningful purpose for the run.

“Having these runs will help us remember the long and difficult journey Singapore took to be where it is today.”

-Sanjeet Singh
Member of the Organising Committee

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With reference to TODAY, The Straits Times