Prudential Marina Bay Carnival Will Be Opening Postponed To 15 Dec

Just when we thought we were going to have a roller coaster of a week.

In a media release on 5 Dec, organisers of Prudential’s Marina Bay Carnival announced that Singaporeans will have to wait a week longer for the opening of the amusement park.

Touted as Singapore’s biggest carnival ever, Prudential’s Marina Bay Carnival has Singaporeans excited, with the park boasting over 40 rides and games.


Pushed back for unknown reasons

Although the park was initially scheduled to be opened this coming Friday, 8 Dec and until 1 April 2018, organisers announced that the park’s opening will be pushed back a week later from 8 Dec to 15 Dec. As to why this is happening, we aren’t quite sure.

Mr Barnabas Chia, who leads the Organising Team behind he carnival, shared that “while the [park operators]  have great track records and have been enjoyed by many around the world”, the team is still awaiting for the final clearance to commence the carnival.

Mr Chia added that his team is working “very closely with specialist engineers, consultants and local authorities” to ensure a “complete and authentic experience to our visitors”. He also apologised to customers for the delay.

Image courtesy of Prudential Marina Bay Carnival

Safety first, fun second

While we were disappointed to hear of the delay, we must admit that given the numerous high risk rides such as The Star Flyer and the 15-storeys-high Booster Maxx, the organising team should take all the time it needs to ensure that the rides are safe to be opened to the public.

So save the date: 15 December 2017 and see you guys at the carnival!

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Featured image courtesy of Prudential Marina Bay Carnival.