Marina Bay Carnival Welcomes One Millionth Guest With $888

What could possibly be better than bringing your fam out for a day at a carnival?

Mr Mel Tan and his family found the answer to that question when he became the one millionth guest at the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival on 3 Mar.

Source: Prudential Marina Bay Carnival

On top of the honour of being the 1,000,000th guest, Mr Tan also received $888 in cash and $888 worth of carnival credits as a prize. 

As the last day of Chinese New Year concluded the day before (2 Mar), Mr Tan definitely seems to have luck on his side this year.

The Tan family’s first visit to the carnival

Amazingly, this was the first time Mr Tan and his family visited the Carnival. 

Source: Prudential Marina Bay Carnival

In an interview with organisers, Mr Tan mentioned that together with his wife, they try to bring their children out every weekend. 

That dedication certainly paid off.

Mr Tan added,

The Carnival has lots of things to do as a family, and I think it’s the perfect place to spend some quality time together.

Mr Tan and family can now enjoy spending $888 worth of credits and we don’t think the fun will end for at least two weekends. 

Marina Bay Carnival welcomed more than one million guests

With almost one-fifth of Singapore’s population visiting the Marina Bay Carnival, there’s no doubt that the carnival is a success.

A whopping 32.9k Instagram posts have been geotagged with “Prudential Marina Bay Carnival”, and we haven’t even included the ones that have no location tags.


Here are some of the best pictures from enthusiastic carnival-goers.


Even if you’re not so interested in the rides, the food and entertainment may just bedazzle you.


Carnival to end by 1 Apr

However, as the popular saying goes, all good things must come to an end — and soon will this carnival.


The Marina Bay Carnival will be coming to a close on 1 Apr. Seems like only yesterday that we were all hyped about the carnival’s arrival.

So if you’ve wanted to visit the carnival but never really had the time to, time to clear your schedules, jio your friends and hurry down.

As an added incentive, the organisers have decided to hold a lucky draw.

For all tickets bought online from now till 1 Apr, all buyers will automatically be added to the lucky draw.

Prizes include two pairs of return tickets to Tokyo and Seoul, as well as a GoPro Hero 6 camera

Who knows? You could be as lucky as Mr Tan and his family.

Featured image courtesy of Prudential Marina Bay Carnival.