You’d never know what goes inside your burger

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As a fast food nation, we love our fast food.

McSpicy, McChicken, McWings, anything goes.

The best thing? McD’s at readily available and accessible islandwide, even if your craving calls at 3am in the morning.

Who likes McDonald’s, kee chiu!


We do, too. But following the recent incidents of worm-infested McDonald’s burgers, we can’t help but dig out similar past incidents.

Thinking of consuming less McD’s already?

We feel you.


Here are 5 incidents that might put you off McDonald’s, at least for the next few days:

1. Worm in McSpicy

Yesterday (2 Nov), netizen Evans Nabihan found a worm in the lettuce of his McSpicy burger. According to him, the burger was purchased at Sengkang’s McDonald’s.

Don’t worry mate, it just means that your lettuce is pesticide-free.

Protip: order your burger without lettewce so you can (hopefully) avoid the ew.

2. Larvae in Breakfast Sausage

Just last month (20 Oct), IT freelancer Jasper Lee claimed he spotted worms wriggling in his sausage patty after taking a few bites of his Big Breakfast set.

He had ordered his breakfast through McDelivery, which was delivered from a nearby outlet at Block 208, Hougang Street 21. 

Lee promptly contacted McDonald’s, but investigations by the National Environment Agency (NEA) revealed that no hygiene lapses were found at the outlet.

According to the National University of Singapore’s Department of Biological Sciences’ Professor Rudolf Meier, the larvae might have been laid after food preparation but before consumption, as the worms were not likely to have survived the food preparation process.

3. Flies in Hashbrowns

On 23 April this year, Stomper Peter found insects on all four hash browns he purchased from Jurong’s McDonald’s.


After informing the manager, Peter had his orders replaced promptly. According to Peter, the flies seemed to be embedded in the hash browns, but the manager said the insects probably got in after the hash browns were cooked.

If you’re unflyghtened, at least remember to check your hash browns the next time before your sink your teeth into the crispy goodness.

4. Fly in French Flies Fries

What’s better than the classic, golden yellow French fry? A crispy fried fly!


In 2013, Stomper Fathemah found a fly in her fries while dining at the Parkway Parade McDonald’s. Fathemah brought it up to the manager, who simply replaced the fries without empathising with her.

Later, McDonald’s spokesperson Kevin Lim, Senior Communications Manager said that McDonald’s has always made food safety and quality their top priority, with frequent pest control checks to uphold hygiene. He also added that they have contacted Fathemah to apologise to her.

5. Maggots in Curry Sauce

Remember Singaporeans’ frenzy when McD’s stopped serving curry sauce? Such blasphemy! Eating nuggets without curry sauce is akin to having milo without peng. Thankfully, the legendary curry sauce came back in June after four months of hiatus. But before you happily dip your nuggets into curry sauce the next time, it might be better for you to do some QC.

Just look at this:


*More than one customer received a maggot-infested packet of curry sauce — pics are from two different netizens.

In 2008, a netizen’s friend made a purchase at Compass Point’s McDonald’s and happily asked for curry and chilli sauce to take away. When she opened the packet of curry sauce, she was greeted with a stench and witnessed maggots crawling in the curry sauce, which had already turned black.

The victim wrote in to McDonald’s and received a call from the Business Manager the next day. The Manager asked if the victim kept the curry sauce (who in the right mind would keep a packet of maggot-infested curry sauce??) and even mentioned that it was not an isolated case and could be a supplier problem.

If that was so, why did McD’s continue giving out curry sauce while investigation was underway?


Probably not the end of McDonald’s

To be fair to McDonald’s, some of these incidents may be one-offs (or at least we hope!). Nonetheless, it never hurts to play safe, so remember to check your burger!

We’re very sure our fast food culture is not dying anytime soon though – how can anyone resist burgers? Even insects love it. –cues annoying I’m Lovin’ It McDonald’s jingle-

I don’t know about you, but give me my burger right now.


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