McDonald’s Ramadan Ad Receives Rave Reviews For Realistically Depicting The Struggle To Work & Fast During Ramadan

Food deliverymen, our unsung heroes.

They bear the brunt of the afternoon heat and our judgemental stares when an order arrives late.

Well, the struggle is real for our Muslim friends who hold this very occupation during Ramadan.

McDonald’s new ad poignantly captures this dilemma by depicting a young delivery boy’s eventful day on the job. The cinematic ad’s also garnering rave reviews in the global Twitter-sphere.

Let’s take a moment to admire the incredible short film.

4.45am in the morning

A young Muslim man wakes up before sunrise, greeted by the familiar ‘ooo-ahh’ calls of the Asian koel and his alarm clock.


His mother – who’s whipping up something delicious in the kitchen – reminds Zul to wake his dad up.

Zul sheepishly acknowledges that their pre-dawn meal is starting in 5 minutes.

Heading out with a smile

Zul suits up in his spiffy McD uniform and heads out.


Against a clear blue sky, he scoots along on his trusty motorbike, and heads off to his first delivery with a smile.


The multi-cultural local landscape references are not lost too.

We spotted Chinese ‘Fu’ lanterns lining a particular HDB corridor, as Zul makes his deliveries.

A nugget offering

After a few successful runs, he enjoys lunch with his friends.

Only, he faces his first ‘temptation’ of the day, when his Chinese colleague offers him a nugget.

But Zul’s fasting and won’t be able to partake in delicious nuggets till sundown.

His friend apologises, while Zul replies coolly, “It’s cool man”.

The day gets tough

Zul’s journey soon takes him to a more ulu estate.

And he’s faced with every delivery boy’s nightmare. An out-of-order lift.


As he has no other option, he resorts to climbing an endless flight of stairs, to make his delivery.

Friendly neighbourhood hero

Zul later helps a man push-start his broken down car.

Gives directions to a lost uncle.

And stops only to catch a slight breather in the privacy of a lift — all the while maintaining a smile for his customers.


What a trooper indeed.

A touching farewell

As sundown approaches, Zul arrives at an elderly Chinese uncle’s house.


The uncle asks him if he’s had a long day, and thanks him for the delivery.

As the uncle takes out his sharing box, he notices the time.

The uncle calls out to Zul, asking him,

It’s time to break your fast right?

And holds out his ‘Happy Sharing BOX’ of nuggets & wings — exactly what Zul’s friend had shared with him earlier in the day.

Cue the feels and happy tears.

McDonald’s reserves one last surprise — their signature jingle is remixed to invoke influences from Malay music instrumentals.

International acclaim

The ad has since been featured on Buzzfeed, and is making its rounds around Twitter.


Netizens have chimed in with compliments about the theme of the ad.

Others raved about the song choice by instrumental band, This Patch of Skyand praised the general direction.

Americans seem to be lovin’ it too.

A blessed and peaceful Ramadan to all

We’re just glad that Singaporeans got a glimpse into the spirit of Ramadan through Zul’s journey.


Though he’s a fictional character, we love that his story sheds a little more light on the struggles of our Muslim friends who’re fasting while working this year.

The Happy Sharing Box sounds particularly tempting too, after a fulfilling day at work.

No prizes for guessing what we’re ordering for dinner today.

Featured image from McDSG and Twitter.