MediaCorp celebrities and their “fountain of youth”

It’s easy to forget the age of some actors and actresses in MediaCorp. After all, it was only just yesterday when you watched Mo Jingjing aka Jeanette Aw on Holland V. How can it already be ten years? You look at yourself – you’ve grown a little taller (or shorter), maybe even with some wrinkles. These celebrities should have aged too, right?


It’s a little spooky how some famous people never seem to age. Ann Kok is 42 now, but she still looks every bit like the aspiring singer she was at 24. We’ve collated a list of 15 celebrities who seem to defy time:

1. Dawn Yeoh

dawnyeohSource/ Source

Left: 19-year-old starring as a lead actress in her first drama, The Shining Star. She played a visually handicapped girl who is optimistic and tries to help others.

Right: 28-year-old Yeoh signed with a Taiwanese talent agency to further her career.

2. Jeanette Aw

jeanetteawSource/ Source

Left: 24-year-old Aw playing Mo Jingjing, a girl with low IQ in Holland V

Right: 36-year-old who plays Yan Neo in Let It Go

3. Vivian Lai

vivianlaiSource/ Source

Left: Fresh-faced 22-year-old who just won the All-Asian Star Search

Right: 38-year-old hot mama who hosts and endorses various brands like Lion Kirei Kirei, 3M Scotch Brite, Samsung Home Appliances, Osim and Pokka (her husband, Alan Ong is the Marketing Director of Pokka Sales and Marketing).

4. Michelle Chong

michellechongSource/ Source

Left: 27-year-old Chong in My Lucky Charm

Right: 37-year-old founder of Huat Films/ Left Profile (an artiste management agency)

5. Ann Kok

annkokSource/ Source

Left: 24-year-old Kok releases her first album. Who knew she could sing too?

Right: 42-year-old Kok who left MediaCorp last year to pursue a personal career.

6. Cynthia Koh

cynthiakohSource/ Source

Left: 29-year-old Koh as Mo Yanyan in Holland V

Right: 39-year-old Koh in 96 Cafe

7. Thomas Ong

thomasongSource/ Source

Left: 27-year-old Ong in Waves Of Courage

Right: 45-year-old Ong plays a missy or a nurse in The Caregivers

8. Pierre Png

pierrepngSource/ Source

Left: 30-year-old Png in Holland V

Right: 41-year-old Png, who won the Best Actor award for his role as Hei Long, a villain in Channel 8 blockbuster The Journey: A Voyage in last year’s Star Awards.

9. Chew Chor Meng

chewchormengSource/ Source

Left: 33-year-old Chew as Mr Kiasu

43-year-old Chew in Show Hand. Despite having muscular dystrophy, Chew does not seem to have aged. Undetermined to be bogged down by his condition, Chew has continued acting, most recently playing Hong Da Ming, the owner of a coffee shop in 118.

10. Bryan Wong

bryanwongSource/ Source

Left: 33-year-old Wong in Chinese Paladin

43-year-old Wong on the cover of i-weekly. He won his tenth Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes award in 2013, receiving his All-Time Favourite Artiste Award last year.

11. Ben Yeo

benyeoSource/ Source

Left: 27-year-old Yeo in Yummy Yummy

37-year-old Yeo who does more hosting than acting now. For this year’s Star Awards, he was nominated as the Best Variety Show Host and Best Info-ed Programme Show Host.

12. Shaun Chen

shaunchenSource/ Source

Left: 25-year-old Chen in Holland V

36-year-old Chen in The Journey: Tumultuous Times, in which he played Hu Jia/Zhang Jia, a ruffian who was separated from his family because of the war. He was commended for his acting in the show and won a nomination for Best Actor this year’s Star Awards.

13. Qi Yuwu

715Source/ Source

Left: 28-year-old Qi in I Love My Home

Right: 37-year-old Qi in The Dream Makers. In 2013, Qi and Joanne Peh started dating. Last year, the couple got married and Peh is expecting their first child.

14. Dasmond Koh

dasmondkohSource/ Source

Left: 31-year-old Koh in A Child’s Hope

41-year-old Koh hosts a variety of programmes. More recently, you can catch Koh on currently-airing Channel 8 drama Life Is Beautiful.

15. Huang Biren


Left: 35-year-old Huang in An Ode to Life

45-year-old Huang makes comeback in MediaCorp. Last year, Huang returned to showbiz in a family series titled Three Wishes.

MediaCorp celebrities and their magical youth serum

Is there some fountain of youth these celebrities have discovered that we are not aware of? Looking at the 15 celebrities on the list, it sure looks like it! They don’t seem to have aged a day in years, putting a halt on father time.

Don’t we all wish we won’t ever age too?

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