MediaCorp Wants Mongrel To “Bark Fiercely And Chase People”, Asks Exactly The Wrong People


MediaCorp Wants Mongrels

It’s a dog’s life indeed.

It seems that apart from just trying to survive on the streets, stray dogs are thought of as having the time to bark and chase people, at least if a testy exchange with local TV station MediaCorp is to be believed.


Mongrel Wanted

Exclusively Mongrels Limited posted an account on their Facebook page about the moment when a MediaCorp producer contacted them.

The MediaCorp producer was trying to film a scene from Chinese drama When Duty Calls, commissioned by the Ministry of Defence, and wanted to hire a dog for the show.

The army show stars a slew of big-name local actors like Pierre Png, Romeo Tan, Shane and Zheng Geping.


Strange Request

While was nothing illegal in the way he solicited his request — in fact the producer was quite polite — nor was there anything fishy with the “job description”.

It was just that he wanted a mongrel to “bark fiercely and chase after people”.


And he was willing to pay for it — so none of that “doing it for the exposure” crap.

The problem with his request was, he was talking to Exclusively Mongrels Limited — a non-profit welfare group aiming to improve the public image of mongrels, on top of rescuing and rehoming them.

Yes, our dear friend from MediaCorp wants to hire a mongrel to bark and chase after people, from an organisation that wants to shatter that very stereotype.

Well done! It’s almost as if no prior research was done on the group.

No Sympathy

When folks from mainstream media organisations are accused of doing not-so-smart things, they rarely receive any sympathy for the breathless backlash that usually follows.

It was no different this time — netizens slammed the producer for perpetuating the negative stereotype of mongrels, and threatening to undo the hard work animal welfare groups have been putting in to change the mindset of Singaporeans towards them.

The group said as much as it admonished the producer:


Most netizens who commented on the post were disappointed at our national broadcaster:

Others were more direct with their insults:

A few were rather forgiving:

Some suggested wasting investing more of our taxpayers’ money to utilise CGI for the scene:

Some wanted to escalate the matter and take things up the chain of command:

One netizen in particular offered a solution dripping with sarcasm:

Catch Your Stars

Also, the publication of the exchange online inadvertently also revealed where fans can catch the MediaCorp stars in action, as the post unveiled details regarding the filming schedule of the Chinese drama in question.

While it is debatable whether hiring a mongrel for the particular scene is morally wrong, requesting for one from an organisation who thinks so is just plain stupidity.

The lack of research is especially telling, and coupled with accusations of wrongful SOPs, the producers are looking at a potential tongue-lashing from the public.

Perhaps it is fitting that the scene takes place at the cemetery – their common sense appears to be dead anyway.

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