Migrant workers in Singapore are not receiving proper nutrition

Singapore is a thriving first-world city with towering skyscrapers and a booming economy — and we all know the people who built our nation, brick by brick.

Foreign workers.


With food readily available in Singapore, no one would have thought that our migrant workers are deprived of the necessary nutrition they need.

BBC made a short documentary covering the plight of these migrant workers and if you have yet to watch it here.

Migrant workers are suffering from a form of malnutrition

Nutritionist experts said that the migrant workers are suffering from a form of malnutrition known as hidden hunger.

This means that despite filling full from a eating an average of 1.5kg amount of rice coupled with a bit of curry and chicken, their meal lack nutritional value.

Nutritionists are rectifying this problem


Nutritionist experts said that it is easier and more cost-effective to mix in the necessary vitamins and minerals (as shown above) for these migrant workers.

This method of enriching food is also used in developing countries across the world.

When the interviewer asked one of the workers if the enriched rice tasted different, he said that the taste of the rice was “nice”, compared to yesterday’s.

Enriched rice aimed to be readily available for migrant workers


Social enterprise, 45 Rice and Nutrition company, DSM, aims to make their enriched rice available for 30,000 foreign workers in Singapore.

Although enriched rice are more expensive, the extra cost will not be taxed on the migrant workers as both companies will be saving money on third party costs like arranging external transportation.

Migrant workers’ needs are gradually satisfied

This is not the first time people has volunteered to speak for the migrant worker community.

A group of students campaigned for the people living in Singapore to be more accommodating to our foreign friends and to put a halt in alienating the migrant community.

Faith in humanity is indeed, restored.

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Featured image via blogspot.
With reference to BBC