Now you can enjoy Milo van Milo anywhere, anytime.

Remember how excited you used to get when you saw the iconic green truck, with the word MILO emblazoned on it? They were almost the sole reason you dragged your lazy ass to the annual dreary school sports day.

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On other special events, the Milo van would also make its guest appearance, delighting everybody and their grandfather. There was just something different about that Milo from a van that no amount of Milo Dinosaur could satisfy.

Maybe it was that sports days were so boring, anything could have made them better.

Maybe it was the fact that it came from a van.

Maybe it was the tiny cups.

The more creative among us tried their best to replicate that Milo served on vans, but like nobody ever came close.

After years of trying to concoct the exact recipe, the saviour has arrived. In the form of… Milo. Yes, we’re thinking what you’re thinking: what took them so long?


Anyhow, late is better than never. To celebrate SG50, Milo has come up with Milo Ice Energy, which claims to taste just like Milo from the van.

Just add iced water and enjoy.

Easily the best SG50 gift around, ’nuff said. We’re easily satisfied, y’know.

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