You Can Adopt A Retired MINDEF Military Dog Who Has Served Our Country Well By 4th May

For those who have been through National Service for 2 long years, you should know the blissful feeling of having to ORD.

Well, according to MINDEF’s Facebook post on Monday (2 Apr), seems like human soldiers aren’t the only ones looking forward to life after serving their duty.

Check out their album below — a total of 11 honourably retired military dogs are seeking new homes.

MINDEF has also released a video on these adorable puppers which you’re highly encouraged to view here.

After these warriors’ long service for their country, they certainly deserve the best hoomans to take care of them.


Without further ado, let’s get up close and personal with these handsome dogs up for adoption.

1. Trip

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“Play” is his business! This active dog enjoys frolicking around and playing fetch with just about anyone. Big, fluffy and loveable, he warms up to new faces easily.

Sometimes, all we need is someone to soak in the sun or to run around with in a vast, free open field. Trip will certainly be a swell doggo to do that with.

2. Doxter

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He’s fond of playing fetch and going long walks, but his main motivation? Food! So get your treats ready and shower him with lots of love.

Food lovers, now you know who to share that mouth-watering steak with. After all, good things must share!

MINDEF’s advises that Doxter should be better suited for more experienced dog owners.

3. Ajax

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Ajax is a loyal and obedient dog, who loves to run around. He’s naturally timid, so it may take some time for you to gain his trust, but we promise it’ll be worth it!

I’d imagine Ajax to be the kind of dog who you would spend calm, quiet nights with. A friend who knows you deep down, although he can’t really say why.

4. Jofa

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With her dark, sleek coat of fur, Jofa looks younger than her age. She likes to spend her time lazing around during the day, but perks up whenever there is food or a toy (something as simple as a tennis ball will do!).

Lazing around the whole day, and perks up whenever there is food? Jofa has to be the spirit animal of many Singaporeans — we’re 100% sure of it.

5. Dan

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Dan’s devotion to his owner is clear – he can be protective if there’s an unfamiliar presence.

Nothing more can be said for Dan is a true companion, who will be sure to protect his new fam loyally. We also think he cuts a handsome figure while playing fetch with that tennis ball in the picture.

6. Beta

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Intelligent and independent, Beta is good with commands and will make an excellent pet dog.

Beta? She looks more like an Alpha dog. Guess her hooman won’t have to worry about leaving her alone for while.

7. Matcho

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Constantly on alert to greet any approaching handler, he will love spending time with his owner and is an adorable companion not to be missed.

Matcho is certainly seems like the type to eagerly await your return home, and greet you with a warm hug.

Potential adopters should take note that he is partially blind in his left eye, but we’re sure his new fam will surely give him the care he deserves.

8. Vivi

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Friendly and playful, Vivi and loves to be doted on with treats, toys, cuddles and massages!

Vivi, who seems like a connoisseur of being pampered, would most likely be a great shopping companion. If she could talk, we’re sure she’ll be able to tell you if the dress you saw on discount is suited for you (or not).

9. Danny

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A big dog with lots of fluff, he enjoys nothing more than a good rub and belly scratch, as well as going on walks.

Danny is a gentle giant, who’d be there for you regardless of how well your day went. He is also deaf, but responds very well to human body language.

10. Samba

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She loves company – it doesn’t matter if it’s just chilling by your side or chasing a ball.

Samba seems like the type to reflect your energy. She would be exactly what you needed, whenever you need it. Her gorgeous midnight black coat definitely also adds to her charm.

11. Egon

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Still very active for his age, he loves being around his handlers and will stick close when going for walks.

According to his past handlers on Facebook, Egon certainly loves being around his handlers, often giving hugs and initiating belly rubs.

Doesn’t he look pretty youthful for his age?

Dogs are loyal, healthy and extremely friendly

The MINDEF dogs up for adoption are aged between 9-12 years old. So why should you consider adopting a senior military dog?

These veterans have gone through basic obedience training and as they’ve served in the military, you can expect these doggos to have excellent health records.

Regular health screenings, vaccinations and parasite prevention programmes are conducted regularly to ensure they are in tip-top health.


Despite their age, most of these dogs are still very much active and full of life.

Let’s not forget that these dogs are military-trained — equipped with skills to sniff out dangerous explosives and chase down perpetrators.


Who needs expensive security systems with them around?

These dogs they may be fierce when it comes to work, but they too have a soft, loving side — each with their own quirky personalities and traits.

Can these dogs be adopted by HDB owners?

Some may be wondering if these large dogs are “HDB approved”.

Unfortunately, as these dogs do not fall under the HDB approved list, they will not be allowed to live in HDB flats.

However, they do have basic obedience training, and have been vaccinated regularly, and will make for wonderful companions for suitable families in private housing.

Doggos are waiting for you

The adoption drive will continue till 4 May. However, judging by how the Facebook post has more than 2000 shares already, potential owners may wanna hurry to arrange a visit.

With dogs that are this adorable, they’re likely to find a suitable home in no time.

Interested hoomans should call the Military Working Dog Unit at 6424 6623 from 9am to 5pm to arrange a visit.


We are sure these dogs can’t wait to meet their new families, and live out the rest of their golden years with people who love them in return.

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