Mindef Gets Hacked, And Singaporeans’ Reactions Are Exactly What You Would Expect


Singaporeans React To Mindef Hacking

Typical. Hackers steal info from Singapore’s Ministry of Defence (Mindef), and Singaporeans can only think of one thing.

Specifically, young male Singaporeans:


We understand that going for In-Camp Training can feel like a burden for guys, but surely the hackers have better things to do?

Personal Info Stolen

As a result of the breach, the personal info of 850 NSmen and Mindef staff were stolen, Today reported.

Classified military information is safe, Mindef told Today on Tuesday (Feb 28), apologising for the breach.

Not sure what hackers are going to do with the personal info of 850 people. Stage a Kim Jong Nam-style spy murder on them? Pester them to buy vacuum cleaners?

Hackers Help Us

Adrian Ridz wasn’t the only netizen who thought of how the hackers can work to their advantage:


But this netizen also pointed out how hacking could also cause misery to individuals:


How Useful?

Some pointed out that the personal info of NSmen isn’t very useful, as our NSmen may not actually know much:



Readily Available

Then there were those who pointed out that it must be the work of foreigners….as locals would know that the personal info of NSmen, and indeed every Singaporean, is readily available:


In fact one even mocked the hackers as “fail”:


Cutting Off

These guys recalled how it was announced last year that the government wanted to cut off civil servants from the Internet:



Hack Care

And finally, this netizen expressed his surprise in a succinct way:


Scary Feeling

While it’s nice to look on the funny side of things once in a while, the hack is quite a serious matter.

We’re grateful to hear that no classified military information was compromised, but it’s still scary to know that people had targeted us.

Mindef said the attack was “targeted and carefully planned”, meaning the hackers could possibly be experts working for a foreign government.

We got off pretty lightly this time round, but it may not be so the next time.

Let’s hope that our cyber minds at the military will be able to prevent this from happening again.

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