MINDEF’s offensive form sparked anger among people

For decades no one has openly voiced out a problem in a form that all potential NSF men have to fill up — until today.

This section of the form shows how insensitive the question was phrased:


First things first, homosexuality is not an example of a medical/social problem. There is nothing wrong with being homosexual — it is just an alternative lifestyle.

It is not an issue at all if MINDEF wants to know if a person is gay or not but there are certainly better ways to phrase the sentence. If all else fails, the better option is to just be straightforward with the question.

Netizens share how they feel over the tactless choice of words


Here is the kind of discrimination and alienation people from the gay community face.


Here’s a little insight of how a person of the gay community felt.


The real problem here

The real problem here is not really about how MINDEF phrased its question.

It is more of how a part of society still believes that homosexuality is a problem or a disease even.

MINDEF could easily change the phrasing of their question but that is not the kind of change we need to see.

The kind of change we need to see comes from the mind and an open heart to accept the differences. Only then will these kind of disgraceful oversight be eradicated.


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