Miss Universe Singapore Is Very Eager To Dissociate Itself

Miss Universe Singapore is a prestigious competition whose winners include Eunice Olsen and Jaime Teo who went on to represent Singapore at the Miss Universe competition, and it’s NOT to be confused with any other beauty pageant in Singapore. (Including this one:)


At least, that’s what we inferred when Miss Universe Singapore national director Nuraliza Osman took to Instagram on Wednesday (July 12) to make the emphatic statement distancing itself from “any other pageant in Singapore”.


We Are Not Affiliated

The post, which was also shared on Miss Universe Singapore’s official Facebook page, revealed that registration for the competition is still open and that recruitment is still ongoing.

It also posted on its official Instagram page that the pageant, which is co-organised by The New Paper, has yet to determine its top 20 finalists.


The pageant was prompted by allegations that Eunice Olsen and Jaime Teo had taken part in the Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant, when they in fact won their respective editions of Miss Universe Singapore.

Eunice Olsen


Jaime Teo


Incidentally, the aforementioned Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant has been in the news lately after some really nasty comments about the quality of its contestants.

So perhaps Miss Universe Singapore just wanted to clarify that no, its contestants are not the ones that people are slamming, and our past contestants like Eunice Olsen and Jaime Teo got standard, okay?

The Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant also clarified on Facebook that Olsen and Teo were not their contestants, but contestants of Miss Singapore Universe:

The Confusion

Some of you may have recently noticed the photo we posted earlier making its rounds on the Internet.

The ladies in that photo were actually the finalists for this year’s edition of the Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant, but set social media ablaze for the wrong reasons — they became the object of scorn and ridicule by netizens, who lambasted their physical appearances.

We think part of the reason for their antipathy was because of concern that these contestants will represent Singapore, as many had mistaken the ladies as finalists for Miss Universe Singapore, whose winners go on to represent Singapore at the internationally renowned Miss Universe.


After all, the names of both pageants do have similar names:

Source, Source

Most of the comments ranged from unpleasant and demeaning:



..to downright venemous.


If anything, this incident simply reveals the ugly and sexist side of some Singaporeans.

Mistaken Identity

We think that if the Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant had been named differently, and it was clarified that its contestants would not be representing Singapore in Miss Universe, the comments may have been a tad kinder.

However, apparently the ladies of the Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant do go on to international pageants, according to a report in The Straits Times, but don’t worry, the sheer number of such pageants internationally means that expectations won’t be that high.

Here are some other beauty pageants taking place locally to give you an insight of the market in Singapore:

  • Miss Singapore World
  • Miss Earth Singapore
  • Miss Singapore International
  • Miss Singapore Cosmopolitan World
  • Miss Asia Pageant Singapore
  • Miss Singapore Pageant International

Eye Of The Beholder

We here at MustShareNews do not condone the insensitive remarks made towards the contestants.

While they might not possess supermodel good looks, participating in such competitions requires confidence to be judged by others.



To be courageous enough to chase your dreams is nothing short of admirable.

For that, we salute the ladies of the Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant.

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