10 Cases Of People Who Have Gone Missing In Singapore

Follow us on Whatsapp for the latest updates Follow us on Telegram for the latest updates People Who Have Gone Missing In Singapore We’ve taken a look at unbelievable crimes that happened in Singapore, leading us to explore other tragedies that have taken place here. One would think that on such a small island, people would not vanish without a trace. Sadly, some of these disappearances ended in tragedy. On the other hand, some of them ended positively, with the missing individuals being found, safe and sound. As some of these individuals are still missing, this may be a hard read for some, so do continue scrolling with due discretion. 1. Escorts on a yacht 5 social escorts went missing after attending a party on a ship with a group of foreigners. Prior to the girls disappearing, a man by the name of Mr Wong was looking for escorts to attend a party with Japanese clients. Mr Wong picked 5 girls to attend the party, and offered each of them a diamond ring in return. One of the escorts was a Singaporean named Diana. On 19 August 1978, the girls boarded a cargo ship where the party was to be … Continue reading 10 Cases Of People Who Have Gone Missing In Singapore