Missing Singaporean Hikers Found Alive In Water

In a scene straight out of an Indiana Jones movie, Johor police hopped into a speedboat to rescue two missing Singaporean hikers today (Feb 8), nearly four days after they had gone missing.


Miraculously, the hikers were found with no major injuries and were just slightly dehydrated.

After an ordeal like that, it’s no surprise that the probably-famished-hikers indulged in their first meal with much joy.

With some CSI-level investigations, we found that meal for Ms Lum Jie came in the form of a cream bun, courtesy of our friends in Polis Johor.

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Jokes aside, you’re all probably wondering how the thrilling rescue played out.

Lost and found

Here’s a quick recap of the hikers’ ordeal this past week beginning 5 Feb.

8am, Mon: Ms Clarice Lum Jie leaves her home and meets fellow Singaporean Mr Dominick Tan Chang Xiang. The duo drive to Gunung Punai, some two hours north of Johor Bahru.

5.55pm, Mon: Malaysian authorities receive an emergency call from the hikers.

10pm, Mon: Last contact between authorities and the missing hikers.

3pm, Tues: Ms Chloe Quek, a friend of Ms Lum Jie, highlights the plight of the duo through a widely-shared Facebook post.

2pm, Wed: Ms Quek once again turns to Facebook, this time asking for experienced hikers to support search efforts.


Authorities also beef up rescue teams and some 100 people comb Gunang Pulai in search of the missing pair.

11.30am, Thur: Johor authorities spot the hikers from a helicopter and set out on boat to reach them.


They are rescued five minutes later and sent to Pontian Hospital.


3pm, Thur: Ms Lum Jie and Mr Tan are reported to have left the hospital with their families.

How did they end up in the water?

Until the victims have rested up fully, we’ll probably not be able to know the full backstory of how they managed to survive their four day ordeal.

However, while there’s no word on where in the sprawling Gunung Pulai area they were found, an educated guess suggests that it was at one of these three water bodies:

Majulah Singapura?

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the missing Singaporean hikers were indeed found at Kolaim Air Singapura or Takungan Air Singapura?

I’m a survivor


Nonetheless, we at MustShareNews are overjoyed that they were found safely and hope that this incident doesn’t stop them from hitting the trails!

Still, kudos to the team at Johor Polis for their daring rescue.


Featured image via Polis Johor, Polis Johor, Polis Johor.