MK@Springdale Is Set To Become The Most Popular MOE Kindergarten

Most parents are probably wondering which MOE Kindergartens are worth enrolling in, since higher priority for entry will be given to their affiliated primary schools.

Which is why we’ve done the work for you, and ranked these 17 MOE Kindergartens based on the popularity of their co-located primary schools.

Generally speaking, schools with a higher risk of oversubscription mean that they are more popular with parents.

This will probably help you decide if it’s worth enrolling your child in the MOE Kindergartens near you.

17 Primary Schools Co-Located With MOE Kindergartens:

Primary School Total Places Available for Phase 2B Oversubscription Risk Location
1 Springdale 240 65 Extremely High Northeast
2 Sengkang Green 240 85 High Northeast
3 Westwood 240 68 High West
4 Frontier 210 53 High West
5 Punggol View 270 74 High Northeast
6 Punggol Green 270 84 High Northeast
7 Riverside 210 54 Medium Northeast
8 West Spring 240 68 Medium West
9 Huamin 180 47 Medium North
10 Blangah Rise 120 53 Low South
11 Dazhong 150 39 Low West
12 Farrer Park 150 61 Low South
13 Fern Green 240 120 Low Northeast
14 Northoaks 180 71 Low North
15 Oasis 270 104 Low Northeast
16 Punggol Cove 300 131 Low Northeast
17 Waterway 300 138 Low West

How the ranking works

The available school vacancies from Phase 2B onwards are released by MOE every year. Parents will then apply to ballot for a place if the slots are oversubscribed.

We’ve based our ranking on Kiasuparent’s calculation of the oversubscription risk of primary schools from the registration history of these schools for the past 11 years (2006-2016).

MOE’s official release of the total number of available slots from Phase 2B onwards has also been included. This is a useful figure to consider, especially for students who wish to apply based on proximity to the school and/or parent volunteer work.

Your possible strategy

If you’re aiming for entry to a high-risk primary school, it’s probably better to try to enroll your child in the respective co-located MOE Kindergarten (MK).

If the child’s primary school of choice is a low-risk school, you can still opt for a private kindergarten instead.

Do remember that applying for a more popular school means that there’s a lower chance of enrollment due to oversubscription. In this case, placement will be decided via a balloting process for the available slots.

MOE Kindergarten Ranking By Location

But if you’re just looking for a MOE kindergarten near your home, this list will be far more helpful.


  • MK@Riverside – Riverside Primary School (MEDIUM)
  • MK@Yishun – Huamin Primary School (MEDIUM)
  • MK@Northoaks – Northoaks Primary School (LOW)


  • MK@Springdale  – Springdale Primary School (VERY HIGH)
  • MK@Sengkang Green – Sengkang Green Primary School (HIGH)
  • MK@Punggol View – Punggol View Primary School (HIGH)
  • MK@Punggol Green –  Punggol Green Primary School (HIGH)
  • MK@Fernvale Link – Fern Green Primary School (LOW)
  • MK@Oasis – Oasis Primary School (LOW)
  • MK@Punggol Cove – Punggol Cove Primary School (LOW)


  • MK@Farrer Park – Farrer Park Primary School (LOW)
  • MK@Blangah Rise – Blangah Rise Primary School (LOW)


  • MK@Westwood – Westwood Primary School (HIGH)
  • MK@Frontier – Frontier Primary School – (HIGH)
  • MK@West Spring – West Spring Primary School (MEDIUM)
  • MK@Dazhong – Dazhong Primary School –  (LOW)
  • MK@Waterway – Waterway Primary School – (LOW)

MOE Kindergartens 2018 Intake Figures

Just like primary schools, admissions to MOE Kindergartens are also based on a priority order of citizenship, parents’ income brackets, proximity to school and lastly, children of permanent residents.

If oversubscribed, available slots will then be subject to a balloting process.

Here are the figures from 2018’s MOE Kindergarten 1 intake.

MOE Kindergarten (MK)

Intake for 2018 Kindergarten 1 Admission
MK@Blangah Rise


MK@Dazhong 80
MK@Farrer Park 60
MK@Fernvale Link (Will relocate to Fern Green in 2019) 60
MK@Frontier 120
MK@Northoaks 60
MK@Oasis (New) 120
MK@Punggol Cove (New) 120
MK@Punggol Green 120
MK@Punggol View 120
MK@Riverside 120
MK@Sengkang Green 120
MK@Springdale 120
MK@Tampines (No co-located primary school) 60
MK@Waterway (New) 120
MK@West Spring 120
MK@Westwood 120
MK@Yishun (Will relocate to Huamin in 2020) 60

You can find out how to apply for your preferred MOE Kindergarten here.

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Disclaimer: These rankings may be subject to change based on demand changes due to MOE’s new policy.