Good Intentions, Hilarious Outcome

Is the Ministry of Education (MOE) scrapping the O Levels and the A Levels?

That’s what some people may have (joyously) thought when the ministry made a potentially misleading post on its Facebook profile on Tuesday (July 4).

Take a look at what was posted, with no caption whatsoever.


Letters Omitted

It’s the MOE logo — with a few interesting changes.

Some letters are omitted from the name and even the crest — for those who are linguistically challenged, it’s the letters “O” and “A”.

Quick Conclusions

Netizens were quick to pounce on the post with typical Singapore humour.

So much so that the comments received more attention that the actual meaning behind the post itself.


For a very brief moment, students islandwide actually looked up the MOE’s Facebook page in hopes of confirming their joy.

But we’re sure the smiles were wiped off their faces pretty quickly when they found out the true meaning behind the MOE’s cryptic post.

Red Cross Campaign

In actual fact, the MOE’s post was simply in support of the Singapore Red Cross’ ongoing Missing Type campaign, which began on Tuesday.


The campaign, which ends on July 9, calls for organisations and individuals to omit the letters A, B, and O from their brands and names in a bid to raise awareness on blood donation.

It hopes to encourage more citizens to step forward to donate blood, as over 350 bags are required to save lives every day. This amounts to one bag every 4 minutes.  

Readers wishing to participate can simply do so by snapping a picture of themselves depicting their names without the letters A, O, and B and proceed to upload them onto social media with the hashtag #MissingTypeSG. 

Alternatively, you may visit the campaign page for more information.

Support Gone Awry

So our dear ministry was just trying to take part in this campaign. However, as it has no “B” in its logo, just the letters “O” and “A” were taken out instead.

And the O-Level and A-Level exams are going nowhere, for now.

Sorry students, the only As and Bs that will be scrapped are those from your report card, if you stop studying for your exams.

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