Fake ‘voluntary non-work day’ rumours remain just rumours

Yesterday (24 Sep), the 3-hour PSI reading hit 316 at 9pm, reaching hazardous levels. It was later announced that all primary and secondary schools in Singapore will be closed today (25 Sep), making it an extra long weekend for them.

Later that night, rumours of a ‘voluntary non-work day’ encouraging employers to give staff a paid day off started surfacing, to the glee of many working adults. According to the message, civil servants will only be required to work half a day, but teachers still have to work a full day.

We certainly hope no one skipped work thanks to this dubious message, because the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has stepped out and clarified that the viral message is fake and “the contents are not true”.

The message, littered with grammatical errors, should have been a giveaway that it was a hoax.

Further, Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say said this at yesterday’s (24 Sep) press conference:

There will be no national shutdown of workplaces.

We should have expected this…

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I guess we can only say “Heng ah!” for we have our N95 masks for protection.

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