The Southeast Asian Games are finally over

After 11 days of making history, the 28th SEA Games finally comes to a close. Here is the glorious looking final medal tally.

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Thailand top the games with 95 gold, while Singapore breaks its own record with 84 gold medals. The 28th SEA Games has brought together countries, poeple and moments in ways  we could not have imagined.

That includes both the good and bad.

It has been a whirlwind of a ride for Singapore, from unceremonious comments during the opening ceremony, to breaking record after record with a gold rush to celebrating the gold rush in an eyebrow raising tweet, the SEA games has been full of surprises.

Here are the top moments in the 28th SEA Games:

1. Sharon Au unceremoniously starts the Opening Ceremony


Local celebrity and SEA Games opening ceremony host Sharon Au got into trouble for mimicking Indian accent while talking to a young Indian girl.

Journalist Bhavan Jaipragas was covering the event and posted the incident on Facebook.

‘Insensitive remark’ at SEA Games pre-opening ceremony activity: EDIT: Sharon Au has apologised for what she described…

Posted by Bhavan Jaipragas on Friday, 5 June 2015

Sharon Au subsequently apologised in a Facebook post.

Hi everyone, it was truly a magnificent SEA Games Opening Ceremony and I was really honoured to be part of it. Some of…

Posted by Sharon Au on Friday, 5 June 2015

2. But watching Fandi Ahmad and his son Irfan spectacularly light the cauldron redeemed the night

Who better than Singapore’s most famous footballer and his aspiring son to light up the cauldron to one of Singapore’s biggest sporting events? 17-year-old Irfan competed at the  SEA Games and looks set to follow his father’s footsteps.

3. Shanti Pereira Breaks A 42-Year National Sprint Record

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The race queen clinched gold in the women’s 200m race, a victory not known to Singapore since Glory Barnabas’ Gold in 1973. Barnabas watched the race from the stands as Shanti clocked in a time of 23.60 seconds.

shanti 4Source

The race queen clinched gold in the women’s 200m race, a victory not known to Singapore since Glory Barnabas’s Gold in 1973. Barnabas watched the race from the stands as Shanti clocked in a time of 23.60 seconds.

4. Decathlete Lance Tan proposes to girlfriend

After his final 1,500m race, Decathlete Lance Tan up to his girlfriend at the stands, took out a ring from his shoe and proposed to his long-time girlfriend. Awwwwww. He didn’t win a medal, but he sure won a lot of hearts.

5. Filipino divers splash into pool

Filipino diver John David Pahoyo failed dive during the SEA Games 3-metre Aquatics Diving Final took a life of its own. The video went viral after it was published online.

Friends do not let friends do silly things alone… in this case getting ZERO POINTS for Diving at SEA GAMES 2015!…

Posted by SGAG on Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Despite a zero score, John remained in good spirits.


 6. Joseph Schooling smashing legend Ang Peng Siong’s record

joseph schooling 4

Joseph Schooling smashed the 50 men’s freestyle record held by legend Ang Peng Siong for 32 years. Not only that, he tore the pool whenever he swam. The 20-year-old won 9 gold medals in the 9 events he competed in. Do we smell an Olympian in the making?

joseph schooling finishSource

7. ST’s Golden Shower tweet


To be fair, we did win all that gold. And it was raining..

8.  Marathoner Ashley Liew slowing down for rivals who took a wrong turn


Ashley Liew found himself at some point in the race with a 50m lead after the 12 other runners after the other runners took a wrong route. In a show of sportsmanship, Ashley slowed down to allow his competitors to catch up. He eventually finished in eighth place but won praise from Minister K Shanmugam.


9. Philippines questions gender of female Indonesian volleyball player Aprilia Santini Manganang


One of the biggest controversies was probably Philippines demanding Games organisers to conduct a gender test for female Indonesian volleyball player Aprilia Santini Manganang. They claims that Manganang’s appearance and powerful physique as too masculine. The appeal was rejected, we call it bull too.

10. Aide Iskandar resigns as Young Lions coach after the team’s last game

After losing 1-0 to Indonesia in the group stage, the Young Lions had an early exit from the SEA Games. Coach Aide Iskandar who has been under fire for his team’s poor performance, announced tearfully during the post-match conference that he was resigning.

11. Crowd sings Majulah Singapura when speakers failed


During the victory ceremony for the Swimming Women’s 4x200m Freestyle Relay event, a technical glitch caused the national anthem to stop playing midway. But the crowd at the OCBC Aquatic Centre took it upon themselves to sing the rest of Majulah Singapura out.

The spontaneous reaction got the girls, us, and everybody all emotional.

12. Nur Alfian breaks into tears after winning Singapore’s only gold medal in Silat


Nur Alfian won Singapore’s 80th gold medal in pencak silat after he beat his Vietnamese counterpart Tran Dinh Nam with a score of 5-0.

It was not an easy feat. He was up against the current world champion and midway through the match, the Ngee Ann Polytechnic student sustained a deep cut between his toes up to the sole of his feet.


But Nur Alfian went on to claim Singapore’s first and only Gold medal for pencak silat during the 28th SEA Games. During the medal ceremony, he cried while the national anthem was being played.


A Game of trials and tribulations

It has been a good 11 days of trials and tribulations and celebrations.

Singapore and the other Southeast Asian nations put up a good show of sportsmanship. These Games won’t be forgotten in Singapore any time soon. A successful games may also open the door to more big events in Singapore. She salvaged her reputation after the over-spending episode during the 2010 Youth Olympics.

It was a dream come true, Singapore winning more medals than ever before.

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With references from The Straits Times,The Straits Times