Municipal Services Office Unveils New App

Keyboard warriors have one more reason to celebrate—the development of a mobile app where the public can report municipal issues to the authorities. Yes, you can now point out all the stray fishball sticks that are lying along roads to show that you’re an observant citizen.

Citizens can soon snap photographs of problems they see around the neighbourhood and send their feedback to the newly minted Municipal Services Office (MSO) using this “one-stop” app.

Heading the new STOMP-on-governmental-level initiative is Grace Fu, Minister at Prime Minister’s Office.

How A Fishball Stick Made History

Earlier this year, Lee Hsien Loong alluded to a fishball stick that was discarded along a walkway in Bukit Gombak during the National Day Rally. The fishball stick in question was spotted by a citizen who reported it to the authorities, (when she could have, you know, done her part by helping to throw it away.) The offending object was there for more than a day because the walkway was managed by the National Environment Agency, the National Parks Board and the Land Transport Authority. This resulted in this game of “Whose Responsibility Is It?

A passerby who was eyeing the stick for the second day lodged a complaint to South West District Mayor Low Yen Ling, and boom—a new mobile app was launched to solve our lack of civic mindedness.

So Is This Going To Be The Next STOMP Now?

To be fair, the app has a justifiable intent: to improve government coordination between government agencies and functions to put a stop to complaints from disgruntled citizens.

But the road to hell is also paved with good intentions some say. Just like STOMP, the new app will probably bring out the devil in people.

STOMP’s fame comes from its flame-and-shame strategy. People snap a picture and send it to the “citizen journalism” portal for a chance to be $50 richer and a lot less civic minded. It fuels Singapore’s addiction to public shamming at the expense of others. Just as how STOMP quickly sunk into an online space for slander, cyber bullying and a lack of common sense, the municipal app might fall into the same trap too.

It is not known yet if the app submissions will be would be made public. Meanwhile, MSO is recruiting staff for the Sai Kang warrior clan.

With reference to Today and Channel News Asia
Image of Grace Fu via Wikimedia Commons