HDB Resale Units Can Be Affordable, Too

Singapore is respected worldwide for plenty of reasons, but cheap housing is definitely not one of them. With land being one of our most scarce resources, the price of owning a home is sky high.

However, that has not stopped Singaporean couples from flocking to apply for Build-To-Order units even before they get married.

Although the new BTO flats are certainly Instagram-worthy, the smaller home space and long waiting times may just put some people off. These people opt, instead, to go for resale HDB flats, which are ready for new occupants and are fairly bigger.


While the prices of resale flats are typically higher, we’ve compiled a list of areas where the flats are the cheapest, so that you can move into your dream home ASAP, while preventing sudden fainting spells after looking at your bank statement.

(Disclaimer:All figures are arrived from Dr. Wealth’s compilation, which is based on statistics from Squarefoot.com.sg)

10. Sengkang

Tucked away in the north-eastern corner of Singapore, houses in Sengkang cost around $397 per square foot.


Although most of the homes in Sengkang are new, the estate has its roots as a fishing village, so it shows a few hints of its humble past.


Don’t worry too much about convenience though, Sengkang has its own LRT network that is connected to the MRT, to ensure that there is always a mode of transport nearby.

9. Yishun

While it is infamously known for its ratchet mishaps, Yishun has pretty affordable homes, at roughly $396 per square foot.


Life is Singapore’s skid row certainly is risky, and the authorities might even build a wall around it any day.

No wonder the homes are cheap? Nah, we think people should pay extra for the drama and excitement.

8. Tai Seng

The nearest location to the Central Business District on this list is Tai Seng, where you can find really cheap homes — at only $383 per square foot.


If accessibility is paramount, then you can’t go wrong with a home at Tai Seng.

7. Khatib

Just a stone’s throw away from the calming waters of Seletar Reservoir, houses in Khatib go for $378 per square foot (PSF).


And the best part is, it’s technically in the boundary of Yishun new town, so you still get your dose of drama and excitement too.

Don’t be surprised if you wake up to blood-curdling screams.

5. Woodlands (joint 5th)

Anyone who enjoys weekend trips to Johor Baru for cheap food and clothes is likely to be familiar with the busy Woodlands scene.

To make your travelling time shorter, you might want to consider the cheap homes at Woodlands, which only go for $371 per square foot.


While living right smack in the middle of the fault-riddled North-South Line may be a little risky, at least you might get a glimpse of world class swimmers trying to get to Singapore?

5. Bukit Gombak (joint 5th)

Although you have to make your own journey to the west to get there, homes in Bukit Gombak will only set you back $371 per square foot.


Bukit Gombak is home to many spots that are sure to see a nature lover swoon — like Little Guilin and Bukit Batok Nature Park.


4. Sembawang

Homes at the former naval base Sembawang go for the affordable rate of $357 per square foot.


The town is iconic to the 4km-long Sungei Sembawang, a river that runs across the new town. Along with the river, street names are also named in accordance with the town’s nautical past.

Along with the river, street names are also named in accordance with the town’s nautical past.

3. Yew Tee

If you are a sucker for the quiet, calming suburban life, then investing $341 per square foot into a home in Yew Tee is the deal for you.


Perhaps the most interesting thing about Yew Tee is its close proximity to Kranji Camp, which is infamous for housing the Army Detention Barracks.

2. Admiralty

Just a stone’s throw away from Yew Tee, a home at Admiralty goes for $339 per square foot.


What makes it better than Yew Tee is the fact that Admiralty just got its very own medical centre, so you can rest assured that medical help is always nearby.


1. Choa Chu Kang

Homes in the western estate of Choa Chu Kang cost around a mere $330 per square foot.  


It’s a pretty old neighbourhood with a plethora of parks and old fruit tree plantations for you to enjoy during the weekends.

Affordable Homes In Singapore

So if you’re house hunting for your dream home, these are the places you can consider — they may be a bit far from the downtown area, but at least they won’t leave your wallet crying.

Then again, property prices in Singapore aren’t really what one would call cheap, so don’t get too excited.

However, if you have the moolah, and want to make a home your biggest investment, what are you doing here? You might want to consider taking a look at our piece on the most expensive areas to get a resale HDB flat instead.

Featured images from HDB, Powen, Flickr and HDB