Her greatest mother’s day gift would be the support from her family

At age 51, Madam Serimaryati Abdullah is the oldest student to graduate from Ngee Ann Polytechnic this Wednesday with a Diploma in Health Sciences (Nursing).

The best part is her son, Mr Muhammad Nur Aniqq Ab Rahim is in the same school with his mom and he is more than proud of his mom’s achievement.

This week, their family will have two graduates from Ngee Ann Polytechnic!

Her son supports her decision to further her education

According to The Straits Times, Madam Serimaryati said:

“I’ve always wanted to go further (in my education), so I can do more as a nurse with better training.

“When I found out I could, I thought to myself, ‘It’s been so long since I’ve been to school’. I was initially worried about the generation and age gap. I was so afraid I wasn’t able to blend in with the other students.”

Her son, Aniqq encouraged her decision to pursue her studies and it did not stop there.

Since Madam Serimaryati’s command of  the English language is not the best, her children helped with editing her essays and correcting her grammatical error. Beyond that, her children including Aniqq were concerned with troublemakers who might bully their mother.

She said, “My children motivate me a lot. They will ask me, ‘How’s school life? Anyone bullied you?’ or ‘Are the students rude? Do you understand what the lecturers are saying?’ ”

Blending in was not easy because students and lecturers would do a double take due to her age, but over time, the lecturers started treating her like a normal student.

Madam Serimaryati’s son is not afraid of showing off his mom in school

Madam Serimaryati said that she does not tell people that Aniqq is her son as she does not want to warrant unnecessary attention. If people ask, she usually says that Aniqq is her friend’s son.

However, Aniqq is the total opposite when it comes to their relationship.

Madam Serimaryati said,

“When we see each other in school, Aniqq would call me ‘Ibu’ (mother in Malay), hug me and hold my hands.”

Now, is that not the sweetest thing ever?

Aniqq even tried telling his friends that Madam Serimaryati is his mother but they did not believe him.

Aniqq told The Straits Times,

“I’m happy and proud that she decided to go back to school. She has always been my role model and I look up to her even more now.”

Age is really just a number

With the constant support and help from her family and school, Madam Serimaryati had the courage to realise her dream of furthering her education.

Madam Serimaryati’s advice is:

“I’d tell others like me to just go ahead and do what you want. Age is not an excuse. Don’t worry what others might think. There will always be people who will help you. Learning is never ending.”

Well, as the saying goes — the sky’s the limit.

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With reference to The Straits Times