Johorean Motorcyclist Finds SBS Transit Driver Who Helped Him At JB Customs After Local Media Covered The Story

A Johorean man by the name of Mohamad Farid was looking for a Chinese SBS bus driver who owns a motorbike with the Malaysian number plate JRU 3431.


Now if you are wondering why Mr Farid is adamant on finding this man, it is not due to road rage or because this uncle was a witness to some accident.

Instead, Mr Farid is looking to blanjah this uncle after the latter helped him with his motorbike trouble, at what appears to be the checkpoint, en route to Singapore.


Chinese uncle offered help and some tough love

In a Facebook post on 26 Dec, Mr Farid sought the help of motorists on both sides of the Causeway to help him find a Chinese uncle who appeared to be an SBS Transit bus driver, based on the striped purple shirt he was wearing.


According to Mr Farid, the kind uncle had offered him aid when his motorbike was experiencing difficulty with its chain at the Johor Customs Checkpoint, on the way to Singapore during Christmas. This was in spite of the fact that Mr Farid hadn’t asked him for help.

It seems that vehicular help was not all that the kind Samaritan provided. Mr Farid shared that the uncle told him to change his motorbike’s chain and reminded him to put “safety first lah”.

Mr Farid intended to thank the uncle with a token cash reward but the valiant bus driver refused the offer. Instead, he offered words of kindness and wisdom to Mr Farid. Here is what he said:

“We all work here together, help each other no matter who [they are]. Just help [whenever] you can if [it happens] to you next time.”

Mr Farid also added that another motorist had also offered to provide assistance. But after realising that the uncle could handle everything, he left Mr Farid with an oil spray for his motorbike’s chain.

Netizens banded together to help Mr Farid find the Good Samaritan

Mr Farid’s Facebook post on the Johor Bahru Traffic, Crime & Community Service Report page quickly gained traction with netizens offering to help publicise the story on Chinese traffic sites so as to help him locate the kind bus driver.


Their efforts seemed to have paid off after local mainstream media Channel 8 covered the story and was spotted by the uncle’s daughter.


Ms Law had tagged her father in a separate Facebook post which Mr Farid was presumably notified about.

He reached out to Ms Law who assured him that her father would be in touch with Mr Farid.


Ending the year on a kind note

Stories like these that truly warm the heart and restores our faith in humanity.

To both Mr Law and Mr Farid, we would like to thank them for their reciprocal kindness and the reminder that a small act goes a long way.

Featured image from Facebook and Facebook.