Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital Wrongly Diagnoses Dog

A pet owner has taken to Facebook to alert other Netizens to be wary after her dog received questionable medical treatment at Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital.


Nicole Tan claims that she had a negative experience when she had to take her poodle to Mount Pleasant after her poodle jumped out of her arms and started crying.

According to her, this is where the trouble started–an incorrect diagnosis as well paying extra for the vet’s error was not a situation that she anticipated.

Vet diagnoses poodle wrongly

Upon her first visit to the vet, Tan’s poodle was initially diagnosed with a muscle sprain.

When Tan mentioned to the vet that her dog was crying badly, the vet told her that the dog was kuniang, literally meaning girly. In this context, we assume it was used to insult the dog for crying uncontrollably.


The cost of the visit came up to $277, including two X-rays and painkillers.

After a week, she returned to the same vet because her dog was still limping, only to be seen by a different doctor this time.

At this point, the new doctor advises that the poodle needs another X-ray which Tan believes was unnecessary, considering they had already taken two X-rays just one week ago.


This doctor then goes on to put her foot in her mouth and say that the previous vet hadn’t taken the X-rays from the right angles. Uh oh.

Of course, taking another X-ray cost her another $60, bringing her total bill at Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital to $337.

Correct diagnosis at another vet

Following her ordeal and sensing that the diagnosis was incorrect, Tan then proceeded to take her poodle to another vet altogether to get her dog checked out again, for a third time.

This vet was finally able to inform her that her dogs joint was broken, and that it required surgery immediately.


According to Tan’s Facebook posts, her poodle was very close to becoming disabled due to the misdiagnosis.

She even goes so far as to say that at Mount Pleasant, the general vet offered to perform the surgery on the dog but Tan no longer trusted them after the first two mishaps.

Trying to alert other pet owners

Tan maintains that she is not upset about the $337 she had to spend at Mount Pleasant.

She claims that in the end, she had to fork out $3,000 for her dog’s treatment, although she doesn’t provide any evidence in her posts.


Allegedly, she isn’t bashing Mount Pleasant because she had to spend the money, and that she doesn’t mind spending money on her dog’s treatment as long as it’s the right treatment.

In an attempt to bring awareness to the situation, she included a screenshot of another individual’s friend who experienced something similar at Mount Pleasant.

In this case, the netizen claimed that her friend’s dog ended up more sick after an incorrect prescription was given:


Furthermore, as of 27 Feb, Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital has not verified or acknowledged this incident on their social media.

At the end of the day, we hope that people keep their doggies safe and that Tan’s dog makes a speedy recovery.

Featured image from Nicole Tan