MRT hours to be extended to accommodate swelling crowds

Ever dreamed of having our MRT run for 24 hours? Well, that dream will come true today (25 March). Due to the overwhelming turnout, MRT services will run for 24 hours on Wednesday so that the public can make their way to Parliament House more easily. That is, assuming the trains don’t break down.

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On top of that, the authorities have also extended the visiting hours at Parliament House to 24 hours from today till Saturday (28 March), 8pm.

Additional perks

Wednesday = Ladies’ Night! So for those who want to head out for a late-night drink and don’t have a boyfriend to fetch you home while worrying about taxi fares at the same time; the 24 hour MRT rides are a gift to you. We’re assuming that you’re only going to drink AFTER you pay your respects to LKY. Priorities, please.

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With reference to The Straits Times