Fund-Raising For Injured Student

The world can be a pretty scary place – we never know when a tragedy could hit us or when we could lose a loved one. Even worse, we could spend the new year bedridden and in-and-out of the operating theatre, after what was supposed to be a short family vacation.

Unfortunately, that was the case for 16-year-old Singapore student Muhd Hilmi Mohd Syed when the bus he and his family was on plunged off the highway en route to Kuala Lumpur, in a tragedy that took the lives of 14 people, including Hilmi’s mother. The bus driver and his daughter also lost their lives in the crash.

Multiple Injuries

Hilmi’s injuries are extremely severe. With multiple spinal injuries, a fractured leg and dislocated arm, he has been undergoing surgery after surgery: one of which involved the insertion of a metal rod into his spine and elbow.

Worse still, apart from having to deal with loss of his mother, his father and 13-year-old sister also sustained fractures that needed surgery.

Here’s a photo of the family before the crash:

muar bus crash - photo of hilmi's family


How To Lend A Hand

In times of need, it is only right that we offer a hand.

Although currently in stable condition, Hilmi still requires long-term treatment to ensure his full recovery. This will, undeniably, be very costly.

Thus, his school, Meridian Secondary, is appealing to the students and parents to donate to Hilmi’s medical treatment, The Straits Times reported. It will collect donations till Friday (Jan 13).

The school sent out a letter to parents telling them about the fund-raising drive:

muar bus crash - fundraising for victim


The Public Can Give, Too

Fund-raising website has also started a fund-raising page for members of the public to send in their contributions directly to Hilmi’s family. It accepts donations till Jan 25.

The public can contact for any queries, and can help garner support for the family just by sharing the donation link over social media.  


Let’s take the initiative to help Hilmi and his family recover from their injuries.

As we begin the new year, let us also remember the importance of helping those who do not have the privilege of continuing on their daily lives unscathed.

We send our deepest condolences to the families of the 14 lives lost in the crash, and hope those injured like Hilmi will recover quickly.

Featured image from Facebook and YouTube